5 Big Dating Mistakes College Men Make

Published On April 12, 2016 | By Milton Ferrara | Featured

College can be like one big dating pool, but if you aren’t careful, you could easily drown. If you are a man in college, it can help to have a dating map of sorts, so that you can steer clear of some of the common icebergs that may leave you sending out distress signals.

Combine the stress of dating troubles with school troubles and it may be too much to handle. The truth is that college isn’t just a dating pool, you are also there to learn, so you don’t want to get so distracted that it starts affecting your school work. Of course, you also don’t want a broken heart, either. Here are five big dating mistakes college men make.

  1. Over Analyzing

One of the biggest mistakes that men can make in college is over analyzing. Not only do some men over analyze their overall relationship, they also fret over every single detail and what it means. This is a surefire way to put a wrench in your dating life, because if you over analyze everything, it will be very difficult to maintain healthy relationships. The solution: communicate and elucidate, the more questions you have answered, the less you will be left wondering.

  1. Being Too Eager

Another mistake that men make is being too eager. It’s okay to be eager and sometimes it can be endearing, but if it becomes a part of your dating tactic, it can backfire. The solution: keep cool and confident, it is important to let people know that you are calm and collected; confidence can be the best aphrodisiac.


  1. Not Keeping a Balance

Of course, you want to make sure that you maintain a fine balance between dating life and school life. As a college student, your job will be to go to class, do your homework and get an education. The dating stuff should come later. Indeed, it is important to maintain a healthy social life, but it should never impede on school. The solution: set rules and guidelines for yourself, the more organized you are with your time, the easier dating and studying will be.

  1. Keeping a Long Distance Relationship

A lot of people will leave their hometown to go to school, which means that their high school relationships could be left unfinished or their partners may feel left behind. There is a good chance that either you know someone that is in a long distance relationship or you are in one yourself. Most of the time, they simply don’t work. The solution: you could stay home and get University of Maryland’s MBA degree online, or you can make an agreement to put your relationship on hold while you finish school in another state.

  1. Not Keeping Your Priorities Straight

On top of everything, a lot of men will put their relationship on a very high pedestal, which of course can lead to making your relationship your top priority. This ties into not keeping a balance, but when your relationship becomes a priority, your education will be negatively affected. The solution: focus more on school as the more successful in class you are then the more attractive you will become.

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