5 Essential Rules for Dating After College

Published On April 12, 2016 | By Milton Ferrara | Dating

When you are in college, you’ll learn a lot about the field you want to find a career in and you’ll learn the mechanics of that industry. However, college life will not teach you about dating life. When you graduate from college and put away your cap and gown, it is sort of like being marooned on the island of adulthood. Indeed, you’ll have the tools of the trade, but you may also want to start looking for a partner to go on the journey with you. It can be a strange journey, replete with ups and downs, which is why having some guidelines can get you to the other side of single life safe and sound. Here are five essential rules for dating after college.

  1. Long Distance Relationshipsaren’t Worth theTrouble

There is a good chance that you will graduate from college already in a relationship. During your collegiate years, this relationship was probably full of passion and promises for the future. However, now that you are out on the job market, it can be a bit difficult to keep things going. If it is looking like the relationship is going to turn into a long distance affair, it may be smarter and wiser to just put the kibosh on the whole thing.

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  1. Focus on Your Job Search

Keep your eye on the prize; you still have to look for a job. Another reason why you may want to put the kibosh on a long distance relationship is because you really have to focus on landing a job. There is a good chance you didn’t get Villanova’s master of taxation degree for nothing.  What’s a four-year degree if you don’t find a job? Also, what about all your student loans? Ideally, you want to make your career the first priority, and dating should be secondary. However, it’s an important to maintain a healthy social life, as well as a healthy love life.

  1. Be Realistic About What You Want in a Partner

In college, you can play the field a little bit. Moreover, you don’t really need to invest much in a relationship when you are in college because it is considered a temporary state of being, a transition into ‘adulthood’. However, when you get out of college and start thinking about a family, relationships can have a lot more riding on them. This is why you need to know exactly what you want from a partner. Knowing what you want can help steer your dating life in the right direction.

  1. Go Online

Internet dating sites can streamline the dating process. Just a few years ago, dating sites were looked down upon for being a vessel for the lonely and desperate. Today, however, dating sites are becoming an essential part of the dating experience. Just imagine having five hundred or more potential partners at your fingertips. Expanding the dating pool can help you find the partner of your dreams.

  1. Keep Your Options Open Ended

On top of everything, you want to keep your options very open. If you aren’t ready to settle down, you can start meeting different people. With a little honesty, you won’t wind up breaking any hearts. In the end, though, you want to be mindful of how much you can commit, because you don’t want to end up fooling yourself and feeling broken-hearted.

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