5 Important College Dating Tips for Men

Published On April 13, 2016 | By Milton Ferrara | Featured

College is a time when the world seemingly opens up to you. The opportunities seem endless and the choices can seem overwhelming. And that’s just your dating life!

Generally, college is a time when you begin to take dating, among a whole host of other things, seriously. You’ll be sure to have enough balls in the air earning UC’s respiratory therapist degree, or whichever other program you are enrolled in, without having to constantly think about how to best handle your relationships, which is why we’ve done that thinking for you.

Here are the five tips you need to make your post-high school dating life your best yet.

  1. Slow Down

Here are two scenarios you may face after your first month of college: 1) You’ve had a full month with no dating experience to show for it, and it seems your confidence is being sapped by the hour, or 2) You’ve had a great month that’s given you all the confidence in the world and you continue steamrolling ahead.

Regardless which experience you line up better with, it’s important to realize that you’re only a month into your college experience and you are going to have so many more opportunities at your disposal to give your dating life a boost. Relax and enjoy.

  1. Be Better Than Your High School Self

One of the big realizations you’ll have in college is that it’s time to take that ‘next step’ in your life, whatever that may be to you.

You’ll have to evolve from your high school self, and that is especially true in your dating life. Start treating your dates (or prospective dates) more like the adultsthey are and less like a hook-up. That means being a gentleman and treating your love interest with respect.

  1. Be Careful About Dating Someone in Your Class

This is one that will be extremely tempting. However, it’s important to slow down and think about the future for a second before you do anything. Ask your future self if you’ll still be comfortable seeing a crush consistently if things go sour. Chances are it will be awkward and uncomfortable, especially if you share a small seminar or lecture.

Like anything else in life, you have to consider the consequences of your actions. Don’t paint yourself in a corner with a situation you’ll have very little control in. There are plenty of fish in the sea, you don’t necessarily have to go for one that’s in the same school of fish as you.


  1. Find Your Balance

This may take a little time to learn because everybody handles relationships differently, but it’s important to understand what you can and can’t handle in your dating life. After all, you are in college to collect somewhat of an education, so you need to determine how effective your multi-tasking skills are.

Here’s a little bonus-tip here. When guesstimating how much time to put into your dating life, ALWAYS over-estimate. Those worth your time will take up more of your time than you think.

  1. Don’t Put Pressure on Yourself – it’s College After All

Lastly, don’t stress out over dating. You’re young and still have your whole life ahead of you. A bad experience, a missed opportunity or an embarrassing moment is not the end of the world.

Enjoy your time, be smart, and have a blast.

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