5 Types of exotic massages

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Erotic massage is different from ordinary massages. It is a type of complete sensuous massage which gives an extra feel of relaxation. During the sessions of erotic Body To Body Massage in Delhi, therapist(masseur) rubs our body by fragrant liquids with more wetness. At once during the whole session a point comes when therapy on the body feels like the velvet touch and even more sometimes. Let’s checkout different types of massages in delhi.

  1. Oriental Massage

This massage starts with the fragrant oils from orange flowers and rose petals etc. These are rubbed gently over the body, which gives a huge relief from strain. In just a couple of minutes in your session of oriental massage, you will find yourself in heaven.

  1. Thai Exotic Massage

This is an exceptional relief massage which gives the deep sensation of being sexual touched. In Thailand, this massage is considered as important to hygiene as bathing. This massage includes the principle and techniques from several other massages. In just after a few sessions, you will find your body balanced and active.

  1. Hot Stone Massage

Earlier this type of massage was used by the Chinese to make a boom in the proper functioning of the heart, Kidneys, and Lever etc. In this massage heated volcanic stones are used and rubbed on your stomach, spine, chest and the other body parts. The temperature of the stones lies between 130 and 145 degrees. Hot stone massage is best in healing from skin problems.

  1. Lomilomi Exotic Massage

In this massage oils from various fragrant resources are used to rub on your body for at least two hours. And specialty of this massage is that you will listen to a melodious Hawaiian music at the time of your session. This massage leads you to the extreme relaxation.This is a Hawaiian exotic massage and pronounces as Lomilomi by the people who live there.

  1. Kobido Exotic Massage

This is an exotic massage emerged from Japan. Kobido massage improves the elasticity of your body. Massage completes in some stages to give you the feel of being relaxed. Kobido is especially known for reducing the facial tensions.


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