5 Types of Most Common Sex Fetishes

Published On April 23, 2020 | By Evelyn Quisenberry | Dating

In the age of the internet, nothing’s a taboo anymore. People are free to express their feelings and fetishes. This is how it is supposed to be actually. There’s no need for holding back what we feel like an urge.

In this article, we’re going to share the 5 most common kinks, or fetishes, that people all around the world practice or would like to practice. Follow up, and see what they are, but first, let’s make a definition about what kinks are.

What are fetishes or kinks?

This is actually the same word. The second is used conversationally, while the first word is more official. Kinks are considered all non-conventional or non-standard sexual practices, wishes, and needs. The assumption is that 100% of the people on the Globe have some kind of kink in their minds, but only a small portion of them talk about it freely.

Most of them keep this fact to themselves because of social judgment. Check out https://www.casualsexcalvin.com/kink-meaning/ if you want to learn more about the subject. Now, let’s see what the 5 most common kinks are:

1. Role Play

One of the most common kinks is role play. It is the desire for dressing and seeing the partner dressed in a certain uniform. Some of the most popular ones are the schoolgirl outfits, nurse, and business suits, while the ladies prefer men in uniform, police officers, army men, firemen, etc.

This is a fetish that is widely prescribed as a good one for all people who are in a long relationship. It’s safe and can seriously improve the sexual life of the partners.

2. Spanking

Both men and women are often turned on by physical impact over the partner and on themselves. Whether it is done with bare hands or an additional tool, it is still considered as a mild form of BDSM which includes more serious equipment and usually, more pain. Now, BDSM is way more complex and it’s not the same as this one. Take a look at the link to see more on it.

This is fun for many couples, but you need to be aware if you like practicing it, that lots of people end up in the hospital by severe injuries during the sex. It’s wise for the partners to come up with a safe word or action that will tell the other person that they don’t feel comfortable anymore.

3. Foot Fetish

It’s really strange why this fetish is the most common of all the others that are dedicated to a certain part of the human body, but there it is.

According to a lot of professionals, people with foot fetishes are very common. They see feet as a special body part that they simply adore. Everything connected with feet is okay with them. Massage, rubbing, or actual sex in which feet have the main part along with the genitalia.

4. Anal play

Anal play doesn’t just mean having intercourse in the anus. It also means having other activities there while having standard vaginal sex. According to a study in Allure, more than a third of the female population has some kind of anal fetish, while 43% of men feel this way.

Anal play means stimulation, fingering, or classic anal. This is not something in which only one of the partners will enjoy. There are scientific proofs that say women can experience anal orgasm. Men too are highly sensitive there as the rectum is directly connected to the prostate which is responsible for the men’s excitement, erection, and ejaculation.

5. Group sex

Everyone in their life had this idea at least once. Maybe an ex that they can’t get over with, or having a crush in the people at once, or maybe just boredom in the bedroom of the partners. Either way, chances are great you thought of this if you’re sexually active.

The fetish doesn’t mean having a threesome but is more connected with having intercourse with more people at once. It usually doesn’t matter whether they are men or women, but the play is important. Of course, some like one thing more while others another, but the common thing for all is that they like doing it with more people at once.

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