5 Weird Things every man should own before his 30th Birthday

Published On July 25, 2018 | By Kathlene Brasel | Dating

 It is important to know that at age 30, a man is no longer the supposed growing teenager like it was ten years ago. The age 30 is not just a figure but a checkpoint from a phase to another. At age 30, a man is supposed to appear like a man, own manly possessions and he should be capable of sexually satisfying ladies, on a lighter mood, he should be like a male sex doll that ladies can seek refuge from and get pleased. It is important to own material things though it isn’t about being materialistic. It’s about understanding that the things you surround yourself with are an indication of your values, confidence and self-respect. Below are some things, which are weird but is suggested that every man should own before celebrating his 30th birthday.

  1. High quality sheets. Well, yes sheets. It might sound or feel weird that every man should own quality sheets before age 30. Here is a scenario. Imagine, as a man, married or not, aged 30 with really bad, less quality sheets on his bed and if he’s married, it is expected of him to make his wife feel good on the bed at nights and when the sheets are just awful, it would be the first ruin of the night. Also an unmarried man, a bachelor who brings his partner to his house and then straight to his room for a feel of coziness on the bed but has got less quality sheets, it would be an eyesore if they want to make out and the sheets starts tearing apart under them. Sure, you get me. So, quality sheet is one of the weird things every man should own.

  1. A Pet. Although it might seem not totally weird but it is weird that a man should own at least one pet before his 30th birthday. Why? This can be split in two ways, a pet in the house could serve as a companion and owning a pet could also be the catalyst for him getting laid or eventually getting a partner as it seen that ladies tend to like pets and often times pet owners.

  1. Dress Shirt. Before the world can agree to the fact that a man is a man, it would be confirmed from the way he dresses, thinks and talks. So, for you to prove to the world that you are indeed aged 30, your wardrobe should be stocked with more of dress shirts than normal t-shirts. When you walk around in your faded “Mr. Men” t-shirt, you are not telling the world that “I’m a quirky yet lovable guy with a great sense of humor”, you are telling the world that “my mum made my breakfast this morning”. Start dressing like an adult and incorporate more dress shirts that will match well with your selection of chinos and jeans.

  1. Drink-Appropriate Glassware. Have you ever been served a glass of wine at someone’s house in what could only be described as an old Nutella jar?

How about a scotch in a “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug? I’m two for two and it’s a big reason why “drink-appropriate glassware” is on this my list. Know which glass to use for each drink and more importantly, have them clean and on-hand in your kitchen.

  1. A Towel Collection. There is nothing as thoughtful and as cute like presenting your guest with a freshly washed spare bathroom towel and there is nothing more sociopathic like suggesting your guest use the same towel you used to mop off your pet’s surprise on your couch.

After all that has been said that you should own even before you become a 30 year old man, if you still feel like neglecting how expedient it is that you acknowledge the importance of the weird items listed above, well, what more can I say but have a good life trying to be the 30 year old man the world won’t see you as.

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