8 things to avoid when dating a Muslim girl

Published On August 12, 2016 | By Renata M. Herrera Herrera | Dating

Are you in love with Muslim girl? Well, there are things that you need to know. Dating a Muslim girl can be challenging because of the religion and also the cultural aspects of Islam. Keep in mind that the Muslims girls may not be as open as the non-Muslims are. There are things that you need to expect when you are dating a Muslim girl and they include;

The need for privacy

One thing that you need to understand is that Islam has rules when it comes to dating. Most of the girls follow the rules strictly and that is why most of them do not show interest. So if your partner shows interest with the relationship, they are really interested. Most of the ladies do hold other people’s opinion in high regard. Because of that, they may not be able to have the public display of affection.

Be ready for a sex free dating life

Islam is a religion that is very strict when it comes to this matter. It is expected that the ladies preserve themselves until the day of their wedding. It is also taught that they should be intimate with their husbands only. You may therefore have to hold off the intimacy out of respect for your partner especially if you are dating a Muslim with strong Islam believes.Expect to step up in to your role

Muslims ladies are very loyal to their partners. However, they expect you to step into your male role. She will expect you to take the lead in the relationship. The ladies will give herself to the relationship if she knows and has an assurance that the relationship is going to be a long term relationship.

Pressure from family

You need to be prepared for pressure from your girlfriend’s family to convert to Islam. This is because most of the Islam practicing families expect their children to get married to Islam practicing men.

Conflicting religious practices

Islam is different from other religions and thus you need to be prepared for other practices that may conflict with your beliefs.

Expect to handle different perceptions

It can be hard for the ladies to be seen with a non-Muslim. They may want to keep the relationship a secret from their friends and family.

Lack of Western culture influence

Unlike most of the non-Muslim ladies, your girlfriend may not be ready to participate in any of the Western culture especially when it comes to contraceptives.

Give space

You need to ensure that you give space to your partner when they are on Ramadan- the holy month.

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