9 Appropriate Places to Meet a Girl

Published On September 28, 2016 | By Mark Stewart | Dating

I have seen numerous articles that were trying to tell me about where I should seek girls for dating. And I was astonished by the fact that most of them are just absorptions of outdated and archaic ideas! You see, I don’t think it’s wrong to get acquainted with girls in a library. However, in the era of the Internet, people (and decent girls, in particular) do not often visit libraries. With the assistance of my gorgeous friends from by Single Russian Ladies dating site, I attempted to list nine spots and ideas that will help you meet girls in the modern world.

  1. Dating sites and applications

It’s not really a place but we cannot just pass by this option. No less than 20% of the millennials have met their significant others on the Internet. Isn’t that a lot? And assumingly, this number will increase exponentially. There’s nothing wrong with meeting online. You just have to be cautious and watchful. As well, you risk substituting real relationships with online conversations and sex dates.Image result for 9 Appropriate Places to Meet a Girl

  1. Coffee shops

Probably, the most popular spot in a big city, a coffee shop has become the center of amusement for young adults and youngsters. Thanks to such corporations as Starbucks, westerners spend a lot of time drinking lattes and talking near the counters. Why don’t you chat up some of the girls there?

  1. Department stores

Consumerism is yet another modern “trend”. We love buying things and spending our paychecks on things that we don’t really need. However, look at the bright side – you can always find some cuties there. Just help them to carry packages with new clothes and we guarantee you will get a phone number.

  1. The gym

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are indeed the most popular trends in the modern Western world, and we will mention it again on this list. Meeting a girl in the gym makes much sense at least because you can see how fit she is. Just try not to look like a creep by gazing at her sports bra and its filling.

  1. Detox bars

Once again, we are dealing with the healthy lifestyle. Detoxing is arguably one of the trendiest phenomenon related to food and regime, which explains why these cafes with strange healthy smoothies and fresh juices have rapidly become so popular. The girls that you will find there are somewhat self-affected but it’s okay.

  1. Concerts

Pop and rock scenes are very developed these days. In a big city, concerts or more or less popular bands and singers take place literally every week. Just choose the branch you are into and try to find the perfect girl in the crowd. From scratch, you will have at least one mutual interest – the music, which is perfectly fine.

  1. Wine tasting event

You are probably not a sommelier. Even if you are, attending such events makes much sense just to get acquitted with beautiful women. The atmosphere there is just amazing. Likewise, the alcohol eases your communication while the concept of the event will not give you or her a chance to get drunk.

  1. Art exhibitions

Are you into modern art? Whatever, the answer does not matter much. Art exhibition in the modern society is a place to meet people, communicate, have fun, and just hang out. Chances are, you will meet decent and interesting girls at such events. In the end, why don’t you learn something new about art?

  1. Cooking classes

In general, different classes have become so popular that you can find a class that will teach you whatever the hell you want – yoga, hiking, computers, painting, dancing, skiing etc. Cooking is yet something simple and amusing. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to amaze your prospective girlfriend with your skills and learn something new at the same time.


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