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Published On February 24, 2016 | By Renata M. Herrera Herrera | Dating

Girls are flattered, when you seem older to them. (On the other hand, they may feel more mature, if you are an adult already.) At the same time, it will be an occasion to visit Asian dating website to put relationships to the next level and communicate having no obstructions.

Never say “Hello! How are you?”

To speed up the process, copy to the clipboard a noncommittal phrase like “Hello! I have never seen such a wonderful rare beauty. Of course, you do not care of me. Nevertheless, maybe there is a chance for us to become friends?” In addition, knock to other girls with a similar phrase.

As experience tells, only 0.5% (if you choose the candidates properly) will kick you off saying: “Why do you write me and my friend the same things?” 80% of girls will answer the same way. For example, to the aforementioned question almost all girls will answer: “The chance is there always.” You may answer to this with a beforehand prepared phrase like “I am extremely happy to be in your friends list.” Further, there will be a smiley waiting for you. Moreover, here it is, it is your invitation to communication. If there is an answer to your first silliness, there is always a chance in

Do not write with mistakes!

There are many stories like the following one. Once a man wrote to me that he liked my photo a lot, but I wasn’t an advocate of dating online, that’s why my answers were rude. I thought this communication would stop. Nevertheless, it didn’t happen that way! He was polite enough and always answered to my words literary. What happened next was that I wanted to take a walk but there was nobody around. He offered to have a walk with me. The walk looked more like a date. He brought me flowers. Now we are together and it is super!

Your illiteracy may alienate many girls. You may conceal it in your everyday life, but it is text in this case, and it is something like your clothes. Numerous mistakes are like stains on your shirt. Our Asian dating website has a built-in spell checking. Do not neglect this tool! If you know you have problems with your literacy, but you want to communicate a lot, try to check your very long messages in Word or in the spell-checker of your browser. Moreover, do your best to convert your chat to Skype or reality as soon as possible.

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