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Published On June 24, 2016 | By Terry Walker | Wedding

Planning your wedding is stressful. The venue, designing and sending invites, selecting a color theme, finding a caterer and getting the menu in place, the decorations, etc.can all eat into your time and patience resulting in a short-tempered bride who is struggling to pull off the perfect wedding.

But wait right there. Do you really have to worry about so many things on your wedding day? Shouldn’t it be your day? A day when you can enjoy everything (even the planning)?

Yes, weddings are intricately managed affairs and they don’t have to be so nerve-racking,  addiction rehab, or as complicated as studies in neuro linguistics. Every bride stresses over their big day, but those of us who have already done the circus, have learned that only a few things are critically important. Once you have these factors under control, everything else will fall into place. In fact, after reading these tips, you will be grateful that you read our tips on how to make wedding planning simple, systematic and non-stressful.


Start With Your Guests

All your arrangements rest on the number of guests expected at the wedding. So, it becomes important to get a definitive number on the people expected at the event. A general rule of thumb: set aside 25 to 30 square feet per guest. This may seem like a lot of space but it can ensure that everyone is comfortable. Do try to get everyone to RSVP to the event so that you can arrange seating and catering well in advance.


Block Your Date

Wedding season is peak season for tourists, conferences, and local events as well. Major events like fetes, parades, or city parties could cause you and your guests a lot of inconvenience in the form of traveling and hotel bookings. Before you finalize your wedding date, check the event calendar of your town city. By doing this, you can prevent your wedding date from falling on the same day as a major local event.


Check the Weather

?Weather is always important at outdoor weddings. No one likes to swelter in the heat  or shiver in the cold in their finery. Having properly heated or well-cooled venues are critically important to the success of any event. Check the ventilation and heating/cooling options of your outdoor locations well in advance. If possible, attend a few events held in the venue to judge its cooling/heating.

?Bugs are also a common problems in the summer. Consider hiring devices to keep off the pests or gift your guests insect repellents so that they are comfortable. This is particularly true for beach weddings where unnamed critters can climb up dresses and trouser legs.

?If you have planned a sunset or sunrise wedding, please make sure you check to coincide sunrise/sunset with your wedding vows.

Get Vendor References

Vendors know others in trade and they are a far better reference than bridal directories melbourne. Ask one vendor for references to another. This is a great way to find trusted and experienced wedding personnel. For example, your wedding florist could lead you to a great venue or a great wedding photographer.


?Of course, budgeting is important. Save on your overall costs by reviewing your guest list again. Remember that the major part of wedding expenses are for food and wine. Try to restrain your wedding guests to about 75-100 people and this will automatically reduce your food and wine bill. Prioritize family, relatives and friends and cut out neighbors, coworkers, parents’ friends, etc. Prepare for rejection as well. About 30% of your guests will not attend depending on the weather, location, and timing. You can cut down on your guest list even more by having an ‘adults only’ wedding policy but try to be diplomatic about this policy to guests. Another way to reduce guests is by having a ‘no ring, no bring’ policy. That means you can do away with the plus-one invite. Try to seat your single friends together and this will reduce your guest list even more.

?At the same time, sign up a credit card that has an attractive rewards program. As you already have to spend a lot of money, use the credit card to accumulate reward points that can be used for several different things.

?Ask for freebies. Weddings are expensive and vendors know that you will be spending good money for several things. Before you sign up, you can always ask for freebies and most vendors are happy to oblige. For example, you can ask the hotel to provide free cocktails for guests on signing in or they can arrange a free cocktail hour for guests on rehearsal night. You can ask the band to play for an extra 30 minutes or you can ask the caterer to provide free finger food or a salad bar. Most vendors are happy to do this, just to get you to sign on the dotted line. But remember to do this before you sign contracts.

?Last minute planning can also work to your advantage. Most couples book their wedding venue directory Melbourne three to six months in advance. However, cancellations do happen and these dates are then advertised at a lower than market rate. Ask around two months before your wedding to find open dates. If you are lucky, you can negotiate an almost 25% to 30% discount on the booking price.

?Wedding budgets are also about money management. Make a priority list of your wedding requirements and divide them into three lists; list one being the best vendors(usually food and gown) while list two and three are lower priority. Invest your most money in list one items and cut corners while booking items on list two and list three.

?Book hotel rooms well in advance under special wedding booking deals. Most hotels do offer bulk bookings for your wedding date at reduced rates. However, some hotels may have cancellation policies that will charge you for unfilled or last minute cancellations.

?Track all changes and make sure they are listed on the paperwork. This is particularly important when payment becomes due. If you have increased or decreased your requirements from the vendor, these changes should be listed on the contract.


Verify Your Wedding License

Your wedding license requirements can be checked online. Check with the county clerk’s website and verify your wedding license. Give a copy of your wedding license to your mom or your bridesmaid’s to ensure that you have the document ready for the event.

Get Wedding Help and Support

Get your friends into helping you with the wedding and specially with the wedding shopping. Shopping for a gown in particular is a time-consuming activity. Take two or three people with you while doing your wedding gown shopping because all gowns start to look the same after some time.

Cut Extraneous Events and Relax

Setting schedules for your events can reduce a lot of wedding stress. But even then, most of you will find yourself swamped with to-do events on your list. But before you start going crazy, sit back and look at the list. Cut out the three least important activities on the list and you will automatically have time for the rest. Try to get some time for yourself as well. Anxiety is an integral part of the wedding preparation but you can and should reduce your stress by joining a meditation-related routine like yoga. Check online to find yoga studios or find a yoga centre Melbourne close by.

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