Buying sex toys for the first time? Here’s what you need!

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Shopping for sex toys can be confusing, especially when we have so many choices. From bondage gear to the classic dildos and vibrators, there are many things to pick. If you are new to sex toys, we have a quick list, which will come handy.

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  1. Start with a nice bullet vibrator. A vibrator is meant to vibrate, and it doesn’t always have to be about penetration. A bullet vibrator allows you to explore nipple and clitoral stimulation, and it’s pretty easy to carry around. The length is small, so don’t attempt to use it for vaginal penetration, unless you are sure how it is done.
  2. Check for a good dildo. A nice dildo is what you would need to get that perfect orgasm. Dildos don’t have mechanical components and are super easy to use. Go for something that’s made of high-quality rubber or silicone, although there are choices like glass and wood. Beginners should start with a decent-sized product before going for something gigantic.
  3. Get a lube. A lubricant makes it easy to use a new sex toy, especially the ones that are meant for penetration. Check for lube for sale at, and you will find many choices. The best ones are safe to use, have been tested and should come from a known and reliable brand. Lubricants can come in different scents that enhance the mood.
  4. Find more on nipple stimulators. There’s a reason why bondage is so, so popular. It allows one to explore roles, both as a dominant and submissive, depending on the play with the partner. If you don’t have scope for all that, check for nipple stimulators, which are pretty easy to use. You can move ahead with more bondage gear based on what you like.
  5. Don’t miss the G-spot vibrator. As evident from the name, a G-spot vibrator has been designed to offer the best possible experience for stimulating the G-spot. It typically comes with a curved head that allows better penetration, with the intensity of vibration that you want.

Before buying sex toys, consider your comfort level and start with one thing at a time. Experiment with the different kinds of bullets, vibrators, and dildos, which often can look similar but work differently. Reading the product labels always comes handy in comparing and understanding the choices better. To know more, check online, and don’t forget to get a good lube for making things easier.

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