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Published On May 24, 2016 | By Terry Walker | Dating

Some people say you should be all work and no play in college and others say you should have a nice mix of both. You’ll even hear advice that dating should be taken lightly, since this isn’t the time to settle down into a serious relationship. But you can’t really control love and who’s to say that you can’t go after a degree and a potential husband or wife? Whether you’re worried about hooking up or falling in love, you should take heed to the following dating advice.

You Can’t Make Something Out of Nothing

It’s very common for two attractive people to hook up and later find themselves in an awkward position to somewhat commit to the other. This is likely caused by a guilty conscience, telling you that this is what you must do. But what you should really do is talk to the other person to see how they feel afterward. Be open and honest on your end, so that you can square away whether the two of you are on the same page or not. Forcing a relationship when there shouldn’t be one is setting yourself up for disaster.


Don’t Trust a Pretty Face and Smile

It’s easy to be succumbed by a good looking male or female, and many of them use their charming good looks to get their way. Be wary of the intentions of the people you get involved with to prevent yourself from getting hurt. And this doesn’t only happen with the most attractive people – some are charismatic and witty enough to steal hearts even with mediocre looks. So don’t be too eager to give someone your trust.

Avoid Talking About Your Exes Excessively

It’s common for couples to tell stories about their exes, but don’t take things too far. If you go on and on about the things your exes did, good or bad, you risk making your significant other feel irritated or inadequate. Those relationships are over and done, so focus on the here and now with your new guy or gal.

First Impressions Aren’t Everything

Sure, the first impression is important, but it doesn’t count for much in college when people are evolving. So what someone seemed like when you first met them may be completely opposite a few months later. With that said, don’t sell yourself on a guy or gal because they made a good first impression because they could end up disappointing you down the road. And you could end up having a good relationship with someone you thought wasn’t a good match based on their first impression. Be open-minded and non-judgmental.

Don’t Let Your Mate Hog All Your Time

You still have friends you need to spend time with, so don’t spend every waking hour with your special someone. Sharing yourself with your friends is a great way to give you and your significant other some breathing space and some time to actually miss each other. This is especially important if the two of you live on school campus at the University of Southern California.

If you’re interested in dating while you’re in school, then keep the above tips in mind!

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