College Dating Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Published On April 6, 2016 | By Terry Walker | Dating

Going away to college brings with it an entire spectrum of challenges and opportunities. Dating can be one of the more difficult aspects of this transition in your life as some of you may have a significant other at home already or if you have never had a significant other before.

Living at school presents a whole variety of new experiences and choices that many college freshmen can easily screw up for any number of reasons. Dating is already tough, there’s no reason to add unnecessary struggle to your social calendar. Just heed some of this simple advice that all incoming men and women should follow when they first arrive at their new campus.

Long-Distance Relationships are Tough

Unfortunately, they rarely work out, either. Freshmen who were part of a serious couple in high school often try to continue that relationship even after both parties have gone away to school. But it might be better not to even try.

In most cases, the longer the distance and the time apart, the quicker the relationship ends up dissolving. You’re at college now, you’re just starting to see the world for the first time. The time you spend on the phone, on Skype, telling each other you love one another, is time you’re missing out on all of the great things your college campus has to offer. That includes other experiences with other people.

It may just be best to end the relationship before you move away. Otherwise, one of you is going to start to realize what you’re missing and then the breakup becomes much more painful and difficult than it has to be. The alternative is you both stay home and take e-courses with UAB online or some other online degree program. That could work.

Campus Relationships Can Be Tough, Too

So hold off on getting into any serious commitment for the time being. You just got here, you don’t really want to get tied down with someone yet. Similar to the long-distance version, you’ll be missing out on the rich tapestry of your campus if you’re spending all of your time with just one person. Sure, the two of you may be doing a lot of things together, but give it a few months before you commit to someone once you’re at school.

Don’t Hook Up…Yet

Though it may be tempting, wait a few weeks before you start hooking up with other people. Forget about relationships, just don’t have any one night stands in your first month or two. That’s how guys and girls both get negative reputations…and if you thought high school was a fertile ground for gossip, wait until you see how rumors start and progress on a college campus. I’m not suggesting you stay celibate, far from it, I’m just saying you may want to hold off before sleeping with anything that moves.

Go Out a Lot

Meet people. Go to parties, school functions, be part of gamedays, and more importantly, go on dates. Don’t focus solely on your school work. You need a social life as well and dating means going out with people. But do it like an adult, don’t just hit up house parties. Go to dinner, the theatre, try do cultured things as well. You don’t have to limit it to the same guy or girl either. Date more than one person. This is about meeting and dating, not a relationship. You’re not looking for that right now.

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