Common Challenges of Dating in College

Published On May 24, 2016 | By Terry Walker | Dating

Dating while you’re a student in college comes with its ups and downs. You can’t really predict how your relationships will go, but you can prepare yourself for the different challenges you may face. College dating is a bit different than what you’re used to because for one, you’re in college full-time. You have mid-terms, exams and projects to worry about, which can make juggling a relationship a bit harder. But if you find yourself in cahoots with a guy or gal during your attendance at University of Cincinnati, you may run into any of the following challenges.

Long Distance Relationships

If you were in a relationship in your hometown and decided to give it a go while you’re away at a different school, then be prepared for the struggle. You will come to face different emotions, like jealousy, sorrow and anxiety. You may feel threatened by the idea of other men and women being around your significant other or sad that you can’t see them for an extended period of time. Being in a relationship over a long distance is never easy, but it can work if the two of you are deeply committed and do everything possible to make it easier.


Surviving First Dates

If you go into college single, then be prepared to go on at least one date. This is one thing that doesn’t get easier over time. All of them are awkward and cause extreme anxiety for both sexes. You should stop worrying about the outcome and focus on having a good time. Dates are supposed to be fun and exciting, so lower your high expectations and allow your personality to shine.

Moving in Together

You’re in college for four years, which means you may end up dating someone for a year or more. If you have, then the topic of moving in will more than likely come up. The two of you can move out of your dorms and into your own apartment or if the two of you are already in an apartment, you can wait until your lease is up to shack up. This is a major life decision, which can sometimes lead to the end of a relationship. This is much different than spending a romantic weekend together. You’re going to see personal habits that may be annoying or downright unbearable, so be prepared!

Difficulties Communicating

Not everyone is good at expressing their thoughts and feelings, which can make it harder to be with them long-term. Communication is key for any relationship to be successful, and this isn’t just for high-stress situations. It can make even the simplest things in a relationship run smoother, like who’s turn it is to wash dishes. Your relationship needs to be like an open book, so that the two of you can always be on the same page.

Dating in high school can be dramatic, but nothing prepares you for the real world dating involved in college. If you want your dating life to be less hectic, then don’t overlook these common challenges.

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