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Published On November 9, 2016 | By Mark Stewart | Dating

Gone are the days when you had to attend Dance clubs and dive bars to find a partner to lead a delighted night. With the advent of mobile and apps you can find a reliable partner without investing much of your precious time and money. All you need to do is download an app on your handheld device and rest will follow you. However, the mushrooming of apps and mobile sites also has paved the way for online fraud wherein people are creating apps to fool people. These apps are not addressing the real problem of people thus it is important for subscribers to do a bit research prior to searching apps for hooking up.

With this article I have underlined some criteria which should be considered while searching apps for hooking up and if you consider these points you can save much of your precious time and get a reliable partner. So, let’s list those criteria one by one:


Instant Messaging- The worthiness of a dating app can be assessed with the kind of instant messaging service it offers to its subscribers. For outstanding service it is important that the instant messaging component of the app work flawlessly. It is really very frustrating when you wish to message someone and not be able to connect to that individual successfully. Putting it simply, a worthy app should have a robust and smooth instant messaging system in place. If it’s not there, it means it is not worthy to be subscribed.

Stability of the app- For smooth functioning of an app it is important that it is free of bugs and malwares. Presence of bugs and malwares can make an app unstable compromising its functionality and speed. Every successful dating app is 100% stable and is updated on a regular basis to maintain its stability. Before using an app try to judge if it is being built with latest technologies or not, you can also measure the speed and uptime for a certain period of time before using it.

Size of Dating Network- More popular is the app higher is the number of users in it; this is the simple thumb rule. Simply put, a good app has a significant number of users and If the users aren’t present then the app is not worth using.

Reviews- Another important criterion to be looked upon is the quantity and quality of reviews it has got from the previous users. People should download only those apps that have got significant number of positive rankings by users and subscribers. If you are using an app that has got many negative reviews then you are wasting your precious time and resources.

Online reputation- Apps that are successful have got wide buzz among online fraternity and you can judge it either through the ranking of the app on various platforms like Google Play. Apart from this you can also use various social networking sites to judge if the app worth downloading.

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