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Published On June 10, 2016 | By Milton Ferrara | Dating

When you have a brief browse over Tattooed Mulligan’s @Mullied Twitter page, you would not be at fault to think he is a typical male that brags about scoring woman. Upon more investigating which includes reading one of his blogs, you soon come to realise that Tattooed Mulligan is a very funny if not at times too honest type of guy. Now if you haven’t heard of him, he is a tweeter that live tweets his dates as they happen and then puts them into a blog usually called a recap.

Fast forward to last month Mulligan announced that one of his followers had brought him an all expenses paid trip to Australia. The only catch to this trip was that Mulligan had to go on dates and live tweet them, and that’s exactly what he did. With his first date Tweeted and blogged about from Sydney which by all accounts went well. Links provided below.

Mully Dates International Ed – Sydney Pt.1

Mully Dates International Ed – Sydney Pt.2


He then flew to Perth to try the dating scene over there, not realising how big Perth is he firstly arranged to see two different ladies on two different days that were over two hours in different directions. After cancelling those dates, which he says he hated to do, he settled on one a bit closer in Fremantle. When asked how it went Mulligan said “It was going great, Fremantle is such a fantastic place to visit. Me and my date whom I met on Tinder started the date of by going on a tour around the old prison there which was bloody spooky. We ended up having a few drinks at Little Creatures Brewery and things were going great.” Mulligan then went on to explain how this night went south quickly. “She decided she wanted to take me to Clancy’s Fish Pub to indulge in some fresh fish, both being pretty tipsy with got lost and ended up walking through a park. At first I heard some people yelling but I couldn’t work out what they were saying or even if it was directed toward us. By this stage my dates relaxed joking face had turned into a serious let’s get out of here face. But it was too late, these group of people didn’t take too kindly to us walking through their park and began to follow us yelling obscenities at us. Eventually they were right behind us but luckily we were out of the park and on a main road at this stage. My poor date was freaking out as was I, I turned around and asked what their problem was and that’s when one of them assaulted me, punching me right in my nose. I have never seen a girl in heels run so fast, she took off leaving me behind. I took off too after I got hit catching up to my date and moments later, like literally moments later the cops were there taking a quick statement off us and arresting the guys. We got lucky that it happened on the street as that’s where the cctv cameras could see too.” Luckily all Mulligan sustained was a black eye, although his date called it a night immediately after the incident to which he said “If this was back in New Zealand we would have just shook it off and got back to getting to know each other more”. Unfortunately for Mulligan this wasn’t New Zealand and he went home alone.

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