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Published On August 29, 2016 | By Evelyn Quisenberry | Dating

The trend of older women looking for  younger menis on the rise nowadays. It is a revolution which has gained acceptance in the society in the 21st century. Moreover, this dating trend has been escalated by the numerous online dating sites. By the way, they are unacceptable kinds of relationships in most communities but they have their benefits too. There are different reasons why a young man would want to date an older woman. On the other hand, there are reasons why the Cougar would want to date a younger man. Indeed, these reasons are variant from one individual to the other. 
Regardless, of this, the following are some of the major advantages of these kinds of relationships:

A. Advantages of Young guys dating Older women

i. Reduced Competition 
Young guys have turned to dating older women due to the fact that, there is a lot of competition in dating young women. This has been brought by the fact that, old men don’t want to date old women and they have turned their attention to the young sumptuous ladies. This has brought a lot of competition for the young guys. This is due to the fact that, the old men have better financial base than the young guys. Therefore, young men have resulted to dating old women who are rich and they are not concerned about the financial status of the young men. Notably, it is the old women who will pamper the young men as opposed to young guys paying the bills in the opposite types of relationships.Image result for Dating Older Women On Older Women Dating Sites

ii. The cougars have a lot of dating experience.
Since the cougars have been through the 20’s, they harbor a lot of relationship experience. Indeed, they know what should and shouldn’t be done at different times. Notably, the older women looking for younger men who have a lot of confidence when it comes to relationships, which is the opposite for the young women. Importantly, since she knows what she needs, makes her open to trying new things. This has led to young guys being attracted to the old women.

iii. Young men get a lot of appreciation from the old women
As a matter of fact, many young women have the tendency of taking young men for granted. On the other hand, old women are more informed and they know the power of appreciating their partners. This has led to young guys being attracted to the old women than the young ladies.

iv. Opportunities to learn more from the old women
The large number of experiences, which the old women have had over the years, places them in a better position to enlighten the young men. Indeed, they have a lot of information on life scenarios that they can share with the young guys. This makes the young guys feel comfortable spending time with these women. The opportunity to be introduced to a new world traps the young women in these kinds of relationships.

v. Old women have got their own passions/investments and lives
One of the important factors that have led to an increase of these relationships is the fact that, old women have a lot to bring to the table. On the contrary, the young women have little to offer and will expect the young men top do everything for them. This is the reason why the young men have shifted to dating cougars.

Other advantages
• Less time is spent in going out to search for women in hotels, coffee joint, and pubs
• The chances of landing an authentic partner are very high
• There are different personalities to choose from
• You are able to choose your partner according to your desires. 

B. Advantages of an old woman dating a young guy.

i. Lack of Commitments from the young guys. This is very important mostly for the divorced women. Indeed, they are comfortable with the casual relationships they have with the young guys as opposed to dating older women who are interested in settling down.

ii. The benefit of the Youthful Energy. Old women, as a matter of fact, are fascinated and invigorated by the massive energy that the young guys are capable of offering. As a matter of fact everyone has sexual desires and making someone attain the target will definitely make you unavoidable. This is what makes most older women looking for younger men due to the fact that they are able to make them reach the orgasm target through diverse ways. On the centrally old men are unable to achieve this due to diminished energy levels.

iii. Compatibility Sexually. It is important noting that women may take a couple of decades to reach their peak sexually. Concurrently, dating young guys enhances the chances these women to be at similar energy levels with the young men. This is an important factor that has led to cougars dating young men.

There you have it, the importance of- both old women and young guys dating. As a matter of fact, these types of relationships have mutual benefits. So, if you meet older women looking for younger men out there, just fathom that these are the advantages that both accrue from these relationships. Young men grab the opportunity as soon as possible. You don’t have to worry since there are a lot of cougar dating sites available to connect young to the potential partner.

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