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Published On June 22, 2017 | By Evelyn Quisenberry | Dating

Getting ready for your First Date? Anybody going out for the first time gets these feelings, namely – insecurity, desperation (oh yes…) and your gut might be doing monkey flips as the time approaches near.

Please… just take a deep breath to relax and envision in your mind that the date is going to go exceptionally well. This itself brings an instant change in your character and all of a sudden you are much more positive and confident, and well hey, you might even get lucky…. 🙂

These are five tips to keep in mind before you go on a date:Related image

1) Make sure to put on your best clothes, because, the first impression is the best impression.

2) It doesn’t matter whether you go to the most fanciest of restaurants or drive the fastest of Ferrari’s, although, try and take her to a decent place, because the atmosphere plays a certain part. Some extraordinary places in Australia to take your date include the Meat and Wine Co- Circular Quay, Sydney, Yayoi Garden, Sydney, etc.

3) Now, this is where most people screw up. We try to put an extra coat of coolness because she’s a really beautiful girl and well, I’m over 35. This usually turns out to reveal our desperation and mostly makes the other person think that we are really inappropriate. Just focus on her inner beauty and acknowledge the person she is.

4) If you feel the conversation isn’t as extraordinarily epic as you thought it would be, do something that might be fun for both of you, like dancing, comedy shows or even go-karting, and it just might turn out to be an awesome time both of you spent together, and you guys will definitely go out a second time.

5) Compliment! This is actually a golden rule for both genders alike. There’s nothing like a well-timed compliment really brighten the mood. But be careful to not jeopardise your image and make yourself look like a kiss ass. Compliment only when needed.

When exploring about dating, you shouldn’t just stick with traditional methods of dating. For those of you Aussies who are currently single and at home, go and explore some of the online dating websites out there, such as or A similar type of website is what is called a dating agency, which arranges a meeting between romantic partners. There are an awful lot of dating couples leading happy lives because of such websites, and this is the 21st century, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

For the people looking ahead into the future and possibly find your life partner, there are matchmakers or matchmaking sites such as or These sites have been successful at bringing Sydney men and women, dream partners into their lives.

So remember the key points, get there on time and don’t sabotage yourself with mental pictures of how the date could go wrong, keep your eyes out of the conversation and make sure to appreciate his/her personal space.

Now get on this roller coaster of a ride and do your own thing! Best of luck!!!


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