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Published On July 2, 2018 | By Kathlene Brasel | Sexuality

Going into an escort agency can be quite an overwhelming first-time experience. If you are anything like me you would have grown up believing that this type of thing usually happens down dark alleyways or unlit side streets. What we need to remember is that escort agencies are offering legal, safe and very normal services.

What you are paying for is someone to be your companion, to have fun with and spend the evening together. You are not paying for any sexual favours; an agency will simply match you up with a girl that has very similar likes to you. In this way, hiring a professional escort is no different from paying for any other professional and in return you are treated with the respect any other professional shows their customers.

Agency Services

Now, with that out of the way, what are the services offered when visiting escort agencies?

An escort agency such as Independent Escorts Australia works in a similar way to a dating website. The difference is it that they match you; a paying customer, to an escort; a paid employee. Escorts have chosen to do this work and are happy to be matched up with people with similar likes. A lot of escorts will state that they chose to be escorts as they like the social side to the job, and they can get paid more than other jobs available to them.

When it comes to services on offer they pretty much cater for all your needs. So whether you are after someone to enjoy dinner with or someone to give you a sensual massage, or even someone who will dress in costume and dominate you!

These are all services that a good agency will make available to you, or at least recommend another agency that does.

If there is any particular fantasy or fetish you like I would recommend searching some of the large agency websites where there is usually a list of what services they have on offer. If you still are unsure please check their FAQ page or send them an email.

Building a good relationship with an agency is worthwhile too as they will build a better understanding of your preferences and you will be suited with the escorts that better match your needs. Another benefit of this is that if you keep jumping to different agencies you might find that some tempt you in with certain promises, but once there you may find that they switch your appointment for another escort. Knowing you can trust an agency can really help maintain the level of experience.

But aren’t independent Escorts cheaper?

Firstly it is important to remember that working within established escort agencies is legal and as mentioned earlier all escorts have been carefully chosen to your needs. On top of this a legal agency will guarantee an escort is not below the age of consent. Going it alone can work out cheaper for you, but there are certainly more risks involved!

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