Do the old dating methods still work?

Published On November 17, 2016 | By Paul Petersen | Dating

We live in modern days and technology is taking over many aspects of our lives. From smart devices to self-driving cars, things are really evolving towards the future that was once depicted in sci-fi movies. The biggest technological advance we have been adopting is of course the internet, it now takes over a lot of our old ways to do things. We can communicate instantly to multiple people across the planet making us more connected than ever before; and this has really influenced one of our favourite activities: dating. Now that technology is taking over the way we meet new people, are the old methods of dating still relevant?

Old dating methods

In the past we had to meet strangers face to face if we wanted to find a date, there wasn’t that many ways around it. Sure you had telephone meeting services but those would be very expensive as they would use a prime phone line. Then there was newspaper and magazine classifieds where people would write a brief text and have a picture of themselves but those ads gave you little opportunity to know about the person before contacting them.

Of course you could go out to nightclubs and bars if you felt a bit randy, but you weren’t always guaranteed to have sex tonight. In fact more often than not you would end up walking back home on your own; only holding a take-away burger under your arms as a compensation for not getting lucky. Now you could still have a good night and have fun with your friends but if you were just going out to find a dating partner then you were often disappointed.

New dating methods

As archaic as the old dating methods sound, there was more thrill about the chase, you had to work for your dates and any success was a cause for celebration. It wasn’t always about the end result and the chase was sometimes worth more than the catch. This aspect is a little bit lost on us now that we can meet new people from the comfort of our computers, and things just feel easier now that we can use dating websites and webcams to chat online before we decide it’s okay to meet up.

But it doesn’t mean that the old methods are useless, in fact they still work well. Even though dating sites are more popular than ever, some people simply do not use them. You can still go to your local bar and see that some single women still come here often. Especially people from the older generation, they enjoy the traditional lifestyle and they don’t all jump on the internet bandwagon when it comes to dating.

Do what you feel is right

Ultimately it’s all about doing things the way you want. Dating is a very individualistic activity and people should do it how it best pleases them. If you’re not keen on using the internet to meet new people then just do it your way. There are still many people who use the traditional methods of dating so you’re not the only one who is not using online dating. Instead of seeing online dating as the only way, just see it as one of the many options you can use to meet new partners and then you will never be too dependent on the internet when it comes to dating. After all the web is everywhere in our lives so sometimes it’s good to let go of technology and come back to our roots.

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