Does it mean infidelity when you don’t have sex with your partner?

Published On October 28, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Sexuality

With regards to matters of your heart, there can be lots of controversies. Among couples, the most common question which you may have heard is whether it is considered infidelity if there is no ‘sex’ in the relationship. Are you someone who is already questioning your behavior? Have you been feeling that you’re doing a mistake? If answered yes, you must have already known the answer. There are several things that you will have to evaluate when you consider your behavior.

Infidelity comes in various sizes and shapes and something that is considered as cheating, the other partner may not consider it the same. There are 65% people who engage themselves in internet sex where they chat it dirty and still don’t consider them as cheating.

Deducing the emotional affair

Emotional cheating is one example when it comes to infidelity. As per a study done by the Kentucky State University, it was found out that women claimed that they would rather have a partner who has a physical affair than an emotional one. Doesn’t this sound crazy? Well, if you are eager to know a few points which justify this thought, read on.

  • A physical affair which might have happened once can be considered as a blunder and that can be rectified. But the choice of a person to message or call that person everyday can’t be considered as a mistake. This is why emotional affair is even more dangerous.
  • There might not be any such strong feelings involved while having a physical affair but there are always feelings attached in an emotional affair. It is definitely hard to deal with the fact that someone’s partner has cheated but it is even tougher to learn the fact that your partner is in love with someone else.
  • When the person has a physical affair, if not all, some of it is done due to convenience and persuasion. But when the affair is emotions, you will always have a constant effort to hide it or lie about it. In an emotional affair, the third person will always know that there is always someone else between their relationship.

Therefore, as we can see that sex is not the only way in which a person can cheat his partner. Hence, if you’re concerned about cheating, you should always try to keep your partner satisfied emotionally and physically. Try to detect cheating in all forms by being frank with your partner.

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