Does monogamy work for everyone?

Published On February 18, 2016 | By Milton Ferrara | Dating

Monogamy is a state of relationship where an individual only has the one partner at any one time. People engaged into a monogamous relationship fit well within a society where this practice is part the cultural norms. Modern western society, as well as most countries in the world have adopted monogamy to be the way people should approach their relationships, facilitating the idea of marriage and defining how families are brought up.

The one partner for the rest of our lives

It makes sense to stick to the one partner for many reasons. This allows us to dedicate and effort and time to our relationship, ensuring that it will be a successful one. After all, there are only so many people we can trust with the most intimate aspects of our lives. Having to look after the one person and taking on board their qualities and faults is a complex enough task, not to mention time consuming. When coupling, the qualitative approach seems more sensible than the quantitative one. It only takes looking at a happy monogamous family to understand that this approach is the most sensible and right one to take. Having the one partner for the rest of our lives is a difficult choice to make, it is a choice that people have to stick to no matter how hard their life gets and how often they wish they could just leave. And most difficult decisions are often the right ones.

monogamy work

Is it really in our nature?

This is the point which really challenges the idea of only having the one partner. As creatures of nature, our physiological imperatives will try to push us to more than one partner. This can be said mostly about men, where lot of people believe men are hard wired to sleep with as many people as they can in order to have as many children as possible. This biological imperative probably comes from the days where survival rates where low, and people needed to have a lot of children to guarantee they will have some sort of legacy. There are other societal factors such as the media which when combined with our biological needs will push both men and women to want multiple sexual partners.

Veering away from the script

A person in a monogamous couple can have plenty of reasons for wanting to have other sexual partners, being unhappy in their relationship being the major one. When people cheat on their wife or husband, the consequences will be mostly negative. However, some people feel it is better to have the occasional fling rather than leaving their partner and family for someone else. This is why some people actually look online for free fuck sites where they can find like-minded strangers who are also looking for fun out of their relationships. By using such websites, cheaters will limit the damages done in the act of cheating. They will hook up with strangers rather than friends or people from their direct surroundings, limiting the chances of getting caught and therefore reducing the likeliness of anyone getting hurt.

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