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Published On May 25, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Featured

Most recently, experts talked about toys that are able to give each girl a sexual pleasure. But all of them were aimed at single use. Today we show those gadgets that will be fun for two people. Thanks to the special sex toys, couples enjoy perfect sex. They can get the girl and her partner without being distracted from the main action. But they do that only by increasing the desired effect is an orgasm. We learned about these toys in more detail and now we are talking about the most interesting and useful things, a place for which is the bedroom of any couple.

New improved version of the original realistic dildos for couples is available. They have reinforced motors, which provide a more powerful vibration, even at the low mode. Advanced design allows you to more effectively stimulate the clitoris leading a woman to a bright long orgasm. The stimulator has a reduced size compared to the classical model, a thickened upper tip and a comfortable rounded shape of the lower vaginal process.

Funny Sonic Animal-Vaginal Stimulator

It is a unique two-sided dildo. A luxurious toy is created for vaginal, anal stimulation and additional stimulation during sex with a partner. One end of the toy is created specifically for stimulating the G point, and the other is ideal for anal caresses. Due to the thickened middle, your orgasms will become even more vivid and lasting.

Vibrator for We-Vibe 4 Plus pairs

About this cool high-tech gadget, which will not disappoint you, or your partner, we have once wrote, and are happy to tell it again. This vibrator has a heavy impact on the area of the clitoris and the point G. The peculiarity of this model is the possibility of wireless control using the application, compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and smart phones on the Android platform. The vibrator has ten modes of vibration, ripple and escalation. The toy can be controlled by a wireless control panel, the range of which is 20 steps.

Thanks to the waterproof case it can be used even in the shower. The stimulator is able to work continuously for three hours, the battery is fully charged in six. This model has the ability to create unique “playlists” of vibration using the application. They allow you to achieve the best stimulation. The toy adapts to you, and you get exactly those feelings, which you want..

Vaginal-clitoral vibrator

A special form provides a simultaneous massage of the two most sensitive erogenous zones of a woman. The massager is absolutely waterproof, so it can be used in the shower or bath. The vibrator has twelve modes of vibration and ripple.

We could not ignore this remarkable collection, which is ideal for couples who are just beginning to comprehend each other. The realistic dildos really work there. He will help you to uncover all the mysteries of temptation and awaken your secret desires! It includes a bandage, a feather and a massager for couples.

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