Food Ideas for a Wedding Reception

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The wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. The reception, the vows, the party, all need to be successful so that you can cherish the moment forever. This is also where you, your friends, and family have the opportunity to gather and eat together, as well as really enjoy the party. It is the biggest event in your life, that is why you want to create this event memorable for all folks. One can elect some fun entertainment as well. The wedding food is one of the cores of your wedding reception.

The food holds an important role in your wedding party. You can spend some money for your reception. This may raise some questions that you hardly answer: What is your food? How would you present them?

There are a lot of different foods which can make your guests happy to attend your event. You can work with the caterer or the venue to options of the food ideas for a wedding. As well as hiring some amazing LED robots in south Florida. Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami as well are all great places to have a wedding reception. You are the person of the day, so you have the privilege to choose the menu.

Here are some food ideas for a wedding:

Family Foods Style

In this style, the waiters will serve huge platters which are presented on the table. It is typical in Italian and Chinese weddings. However, there are significant differences between Italian style and Chinese style, which is the order in presenting the foods. Italian style foods wedding food services at once, or twice, depending on the number of the foods. In Chinese style, the foods are presented in sequence.

Buffet Foods Style

It is one of the most common styles. The buffets allow guests to choose from many different options. The good thing is that some trusted venues offer buffets service. So do not hesitate to ask them about the best price. In this style, you can choose some entree options, side dishes, salads, as well as desserts for the sweet tooth.

Cocktail Style

Cocktail is one of the best food ideas for a wedding. This style encourages the serving of heavy appetizers with the cocktails. It usually offers a bunch of different foods in tiny portion so that the guests can enjoy just tiny bites. South Florida is known for many places to enjoy cocktails. But make sure to have plenty of options so that you will have many things to offer to your guests.

Plated Meal

Plated meal usually includes 2 main dishes with some side dishes. As usual, it opens with salad and closes with dessert. The tricky part about this style is that you need to know the exact number of the guests who attend your party so that the food will be sufficient for them.

Well, the point is, you can’t go wrong when choosing one of the styles mentioned above. It is really up to your desire and preference.

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