Fundamentals to consider when dating Serbian Women

Published On January 5, 2017 | By Paul Petersen | Dating

Successful dating has a root in knowing the culture of your prospective partner and aligning yourself to them. Most folks from the western countries have problems wooing women from nations that follow traditions in matters pertaining to relationships. Serbia is inclusive of such nations. Their women follow their traditions to the latter. Here are essentials to out into consideration when dating a Serbian woman.

Long-term relationship

The women in Serbia take relationships very seriously. Their main goal whenever they engage in any relationship is for it to be long term. This should rule out any of your intentions to have a one-night stand with these women. You have to be extremely patient with them.  You will ruin your chances of getting a Serbian woman when she sees your intention is to satisfy your lusts.

Eye contact

Whenever you are planning to meet a particular woman in Serbia, you should take advantage of using eye contact to perceive if he/she likes you or not. Men in Serbia are very poor in maintaining eye contact with the women because of the restrictions of their culture. When the woman makes eye contact with you that is a sign she might be interested. Hence, you can comfortably approach her.


Never talk about feminism or acknowledge that you are a feminist with the intention of impressive your prospective Serbian woman. The women in Serbia have a different view of feminism. They view it as lesbianism, which is a disgrace in their culture. By confessing that you are a feminist, you will immediately turn off your Serbian Catch. Hence, ditch your loyalty on feminism.

Trust and care

It is always common for women to consider the wealth and the property of a man before deciding to engage in a relationship. However, the Serbian women are not interested in material things. What these women are seeking for is trust and care from their partners. If you are trustworthy and caring, be rest assured that, your Serbian woman will stick to you for life. This is very impressive.

Respect to family

The women in Serbia put much more value on family. When you have reached the stage where you want to meet her family for wedding preparations, it is vital to be respectful to her parents and family members. You can buy the family members gifts as a sign of respect and appreciation. Taking them out for adventures and dinner is a perfect idea in building your chances to impress the woman more.


One of the benefits that you will enjoy in the relationship with a Serbian is loyalty. These women are extremely loyal to their main. However, their loyalty comes with a price. The price is your loyalty to them too. Always be there for them and be ready to defend and fight for them. This will make your bond stronger.


The women of Serbia are great in treating men. Their level of respect is very high. This is because up to date, they still follow their traditions that expect women to respect and value their men. These women are submissive too. Submission is what every man needs in a woman.


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