Going on the first date? Here are dating tips you need

Published On November 8, 2016 | By Mark Stewart | Dating

It can be nerve-wracking. We are talking about the first date.  Unless you plan it you may end up looking messy and unconfident. Have you thought of what to do on the first date? Movie or a candle-lit dinner has become so cliché. Why don’t you try something different that your girl would love to? So, here are some dating ideas that would make your girl want to go out with you again.

How to choose activities for the first date?

The best way to enjoy your first date is to choose an activity that won’t create any pressure on you to talk. Go for something that would allow you to be yourself and at the same time enjoy each other’s company.Image result for Going on the first date? Here are dating tips you need

Is your date sporty?

Why don’t you take your girl to a sporting event if she loves sports? A bowling event would be perfect to test your skills and also enjoy. In between, you can sip beer and engage her in conversations. You won’t feel the pressure to crack jokes to keep her happy but enjoy the match and her company too.

Go on an adventurous date

This is for girls who love adventures. What about kayaking, hiking, biking or trekking? She would love to come with you on such a challenging expedition. You would have plenty of things to talk about and share.

Take her to a theater

A movie is a passé but theater not. It is classy. So get tickets for a play and dress up for the occasion. During the interval, you can enjoy a drink or two and talk about things that are common between you.

Go on a tourist expedition

Does it sound exciting? You can choose to be tourists and explore your city. Visit the landmarks and the festivals that make it popular with tourists and discover your city in a new way. Show her the places you frequented as a child and have a great time together.

Try a new cuisine

Le the foodie in you have a nice time while dating. If your partner loves to experiment with foods find out a restaurant that serves ethnic food and try it. Try Vietnamese, Japanese or Korean cuisine if you haven’t tried them before. Bond over sumptuous food and make your date a memorable one.

Try something offbeat

What about the local art gallery or the museum? If both of you love art and history, this makes an ideal choice. Examine the pieces of art together and get engrossed in conversations.

The idea of dating is to enjoy and know each other better. Find out something new and exciting to do so that you would be looking forward to meeting again. That’s the best way to win each other’s hearts and create a loving relationship.

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