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Published On April 26, 2016 | By Kathlene Brasel | Dating

There are two ways to find the right free dating websites. One is to learn about them from others while the other way is to find out about it yourself. Granted, you can search for “best free dating sites” or “dating sites in India” but these days more often than not, the so-called honest review is a fake one created by the dating site being considered. Almost all of such reviews will give glowing reports about so and so site, about all the great guys found there and so forth, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction. If you must follow this method, the best reviews are the candid reviews that also show or mention the bad parts of the site as they are usually written by people who have used that online dating site.

The other method is to check out each primary site yourself. While you are not encouraged to sift through each and every site, you can quickly search for a ranking of the top free dating sites around. Most of the time these rankings are entirely trustworthy, so you do not need to look for diamonds in the rough. Once you have a site you’d like to check out, visit it and read some of their pages. The best sites will have a clean and understated design with a focus more on getting you hooked up with the right guys than to pander to their paying customers. Avoid sensationalist designs. Those that look more like a supermarket sales brochure are usually just places for women to get victimized. Find the right site and sign up for your free registration for a closer look at the quality of choices available to you.

Finding the right guys

Just like there are all types of men in this world, there are also all kinds of women. While in general everyone is looking for love, some are looking specifically for something more intimate or beneficial relationships. You can narrow this down by looking at the profiles for these guys. Those looking for one night stands will write that way in their profiles while a rich sugar daddy that you may want to splurge on you will flaunt his wealth. Look out for brain dead comments like “I am rich” or that they own a Lamborghini or other item of luxury. Such statements require proof and these days it’s not that difficult to Photoshop or doctor photos. For this type of woman, there are free dating sites for women seeking rich men where their verified members are checked first for financial standing and assets owned.

It is true that many people inflate their profiles in the same way they increase their resumes but try reading through the profiles of guys you might like with a pinch of salt, and you’ll soon find out the ones who are telling the truth. The best free online dating sites for women will provide security tips and information that will help you find this out for yourself. Other sites will provide compatibility systems, so you don’t have to sift through the entire list yourself.

Making sure the right guys find you

Just as you are searching for the right guys on these free dating sites, there are probably hordes of guys looking over your profile at the same time. Therefore, it is just as important for you to make sure that the right guys look you up. Word your profile carefully but pepper it with keywords that you’d like them to remember. Again, avoid the typical cliches but do bear in mind that guys are mostly cliched in the first place, at least when they think they are romantic. Keep things simple and precise but do make sure you know what each keyword means. After all, those “hot” “lusty” “babes” looking for a “night” on the town may not necessarily enjoy “water-sports”.

For your profile, try to keep as close to the truth as possible. This is because the fact almost always sounds more sincere, and the more sincere it is, the more likely guys will get hooked. While a few guys like to read, do keep your profile as short and straightforward as possible since most of them will most likely scan through your profile instead of reading the fine print. Also, try to include as many pictures of yourself (especially your good sides!) as you can since guys are very visual creatures. It won’t hurt to pretty yourself up a bit and ask a photographer gal pal to help you out here as they will know how to make you more attractive than you thought you were. Try to include pictures of you smiling or laughing naturally as studies have shown that guy is naturally inclined to laugh women.

Free dating sites for women

In a nutshell, finding the right guy today for females is infinitely easier through the Internet. Since most of the dating sites online provide the same services and same quality of choices, it makes sense to register on free dating sites for women rather than get a paid registration outright. Finding the right guy will depend on the search for the profile that isn’t padded too much that suits what you’re looking for and making sure that your profile fits with the guy or guys you’re looking for as well. Register Free on

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