Herpes Dating – How to Break the News to Your Partner

Published On August 29, 2016 | By Kathlene Brasel | Dating, Featured

Now, herpes singles have a hard time finding out the right partner simply because the majority of people tend to feel incredibly uncomfortable about this particular virus. This is why if you haven’t told your partner that you have herpes you might want to figure out a way to break the news in a manner that won’t destroy your relationship. Keep in mind that it’s your thorough responsibility to let him know about this condition because failing to do so means that you are literally depriving him of a decision which is rightfully his, not to mention that you might be susceptible to some legal charges if you omit to inform him or her on purpose.

Herpes Dating – Breaking the “Bad” News

Now, the first thing that you need to do is to present it in a way that’s not going to cause your partner to get shocked. You shouldn’t be too dramatic; there is nothing that serious going on. Just sit back, relax and let him know. You shouldn’t approach it as it’s nothing to be worried about but you should tell him in a way which won’t allow him to get over emotional about it. Simply tell him that you have genital herpes and ask him whether or not he is aware of what this means.


Read Up and Arm Yourself with Information

The truth is that not a lot of people are well aware of this condition, and they have absolutely no idea of what it means, apart from having heard of it countless times. “Herpes” is a shallow word which is deprived of actual meaning for the majority of people. They only know that it’s something bad, and it’s sexually transmitted. This is where singles with herpes have to show their partners that it’s not that serious, and it could be easily overcome through the usage of proper protection. You surely want to avoid loading the entire discussion with negative images, and you might want to avoid using words such as “condition” or “disease”. In reality, the majority of people who suffer from genital herpes are going to have some brief symptoms such as rash or red spots while others might not even notice the signs as they are incredibly mild.

In any case, you can always rely on online support groups for people with herpes and find someone with the same condition, and you might rest assured that you wouldn’t be experiencing this kind of discomfort. Of course, if you are dating a person who doesn’t have herpes it’s absolutely mandatory to let him know about it.

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