How to Choose the Perfect Profile Picture for your Dating App

Published On November 16, 2016 | By Mark Stewart | Dating

In case you’re online endeavors are not bearing fruit and you fail to get an appropriate response, it’s best to check out on your profile picture. Making the vital first impression, they are critical to you finding the right partner of your choice. What is interesting is that quite a bit of research has gone into it and various tips and considerations have come into view whose implementation leads to your picture having the maximum impact. Some of them are –

Start with a quality photo

While everybody understands this and takes it as obvious but very few pay attention to it. Finding a blurry, dark or even low blurry image is simply not uncommon. One must be careful of selecting that picture which shows off your best features. Ideally, the picture must be snapped in natural light, and that which shows your face and smile crystal clear. A full length shot is also recommended which shows you indulging in what you love best like surfing, swimming, relaxing with music etc. For females specifically, one must ensure that the makeup is subtle and minimal. Both sexes must ensure that the face does not get hidden under a hat, sunglasses, scarf etc. These are bound to be a turn-off.Image result for How to Choose the Perfect Profile Picture for your Dating App

Include a latest picture, preferably from an event

Pictures can be quite misleading especially about the age. This can prove quite a turn-off and raise questions on your credibility. After all, you are bound to be shocked in seeing a person who is completely different from the picture uploaded in the profile. It is extremely important to realize that online dating is not about oozing any fantasy version of yourself but connecting with genuine people with whom you may aspire to build a solid and lasting relationship. Thus it’s best to avoid exaggeration, fantasy etc. and post the most recent picture of yourself. Again, taking a picture of you in any of the social event adds life and flair to you. Being decked up any way and seeing you enjoy in your social vicinity, fuels a person’s imagination on what terrific company you would be in an actual meet.

Never forget the smile

Pictures should never be stiff but relaxed, happy and friendly. This increases the attractiveness of your image. A smiling picture is always preferred. Often a smile with teeth is considered the best. It lightens up the face and amps up the entire profile.

Understand, the picture is the gateway to your online success at these free dating apps.

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