How to Deal with a Long Distance Relationship in College

Published On May 27, 2016 | By Evelyn Quisenberry | Featured, Friendship, Love, Relationship

Maintaining a long distance relationship is never easy, but it’s especially difficult while you’re in college. Not only are both partners under a lot of stress all the time, but you will be surrounded by all kinds of people who will be flirtatious and fun. This means that your own willpower to stay true to your partner will be tested, but so will your ability to control your own insecurity. You don’t want to hurl false accusations at your significant other, and you never want to give them any reason to do the same to you. Here is how to maintain a long distance relationship in college.


Set Boundaries Ahead of Time

When you both go off to college there are going to be all kinds of situations that you never anticipated. However, if you can try to anticipate as many of those situations as possible and discuss how you would like to deal with them, then you can develop a good level of trust. No matter what, you need to maintain this sense of trust if the relationship is going to last.

Talk Regularly

Unless you talk regularly, it will be easy for both people to start wondering what’s going on with the relationship and whether or not the other person is losing interest. That’s why you want to decide how often you will talk on the phone or video chat, and stick to a regular schedule. You want to avoid inconvenient cold calls, and you also want to avoid stressful situations where you don’t know when you’ll hear from your partner next.

Schedule Visits

It’s natural for a couple to grow apart a bit when they are attending different schools and studying different subjects. This is especially the case if one person is studying for Juilliard’s music degree and the other for NEC’s non profit management degree. Maintaining common ground can become increasingly difficult, which is why you will want to visit each other from time to time. Just make sure that you alternate with who visits whom so that you can trade off on the expense, as well as share your lives with one another equally.

Send Each Other Gifts

There’s nothing more romantic than a thoughtful gift from your significant other for no particular reason at all. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but it should always be very heartfelt. Even a small package with a card and your sweetheart’s favorite candy can really mean a lot.

Find Ways to Make Each Other Laugh

If there’s one thing that keeps the magic spark in any relationship, it’s the ability to laugh together. If you can make your partner laugh like nobody else can, then you will be able to lighten their spirits whenever they need it most. It doesn’t matter if your partner is sad or happy when they call, you should always try to make your phone calls a source of laughter and joy. If they start becoming a source of drama and stress, then you won’t be able to maintain the relationship for very long.

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