How to Get my Ex Back- 4 Simple Steps

Published On July 13, 2016 | By Evelyn Quisenberry | Dating

I searched for 5 months on how to get my ex back before I stumbled on information that gave me clear understanding on how to get my ex back without frequent calling, texting, pleading and crying.

When my ex told me she was done with the relationship, I couldn’t believe it because I did all I could to make her happy, yet she quit. In fact, I cried, pleaded and beg her endlessly but to no avail, which was why I had to go online to search for how to get my ex back.

I got both paid and free information on how to get my ex girlfriend back but no one gave me clear direction on how to get my ex back fast not until I stumbled on a free video presentation by Brad Browning.

The tips on how to get my ex back found in the video works for both men and women

Brad start by mentioning four brutal mistakes most men do when it comes to getting back an ex girlfriend. Those mistakes end up pushing my ex away. So, the first thing to do when you are seriously searching for how to get your ex girlfriend is to avoid those 4 deadly mistake that pushes her away.

Assuming you have downloaded the ebook, let me reveal to you the four major steps that made me end my online search on how to get my ex back. These four steps are powerful, weird and revolutionary because they worked like magic for me.


Step 1 on How to Get My Ex Back

The first thing you need to do is to critically analyze the relationship by asking some vital questions, which will make you see clear direction on how to get back an ex girlfriend. Question such as, what is the root cause of the break up? Did I play my role very well during dating? Does the relationship worth salvaging?

Step 2 Reverse Psychology

To get the right answers to these questions in step one, you must completely stay away from her for a minimum period of 30 days. The act of staying away from her is the second step you need to take. Staying away from her is referred as the “NO CONTACT” Rule or reverse psychology. During this period, you must avoid all form of communication with her. No facebook, chat, no twitter chat, no text, no call.

When I first saw this step I thought my ex will start dating another person but the author of the book made it clear that she could start another relationship but that is called a rebound relationship. Click here to read more about rebound relationship.

STEP 3 Rejuvenate

The third step on how to get my ex back is referred as the rejuvenating period. Relationship goes with lots of sacrifice, so the no contact period is the time you need to attain to those thing you have sacrificed for during the relationship. It is time to hang out with friends, go to gym, buy clothes and look sound and young.

Step 4 Re-Connect

The last step on how to get my ex back is called the reconnecting period. You need an advance seduction skill coupled with powerful text messages in order to get back your ex girlfriend easily. If you fail in this step you will lose her forever but if you get it right then she will promise to love you forever.

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