How To Have An Interesting Yet Sexy Phone Chat

Published On May 3, 2017 | By Evelyn Quisenberry | Dating

Adult phone chat has become quite important for people in a long distance relationship, but it has proven to be necessary even for lovers who are seeing each other everyday. According to love and relationship experts, this form of aural sex comes naturally, but many people are finding it hard to indulge in it! Want to be a king of phone sex and become a sexy seductress? Well, read on to learn how you can arouse your partner through conversation and enjoy an interesting yet sexy phone chat.

1. Set The Mood Right For The Phone Conversation
Since your surroundings have always determined the way you enjoy a romantic moment, you should set them in a way that will allow you enjoy the chat. You can turn down the lights, cancel call waiting, turn off the radio, close the door and do other things that will allow you get maximum pleasure from the conversation.

2. Be Patient Throughout The Chat
There is no rush when it comes to sexy phone chat, so start slow just like in foreplay and things will start to turn naughtier and sexier naturally. Adopt the whispering voice, and if your partner is not using this voice, encourage him/her to lower the voice as whispering makes the situation more romantic. Find enough time for the chat (at least an hour) in order to avoid unnecessary pressure while performing the aural sex.

3. Make The Chat Personal
You can do this by closing your eyes and isolating yourself from the world. You can then relax on your couch or in your bed ready for the conversation. Call your partner by their favorite name and talk softly as you use sweet words to put your lover in a sexy mood. Be relaxed and speak slowly to ensure that your lover remains comfortable and interested.

4. Make Use Of Naughty Lines Throughout
It is recommended to look for some sexy lines to initiate the phone chat and keep the mood vibrant. Before you call your lover, you can text sex him/her to give him/her a clue on what you want. When you call your partner up, say something naughty to him/her and as the conversation goes on you can read him/her an erotic passage. Tell your lover how incredibly you are missing him/her and how you wish you are near him/her.

5. Steer Your Phone Chat Into Seduction Mode
After you have initiated the sex talk, you can move on and make things more erotic and seductive. At the same time, you need to explain yourself clearly and ensure your lover is engaged by keeping the conversation on. During this period, you can remind your partner about the erotic things you have done together before. You can also ask him/her some questions that require erotic responses. These questions will not only keep your lover aroused but also lengthen the dirt talk. In addition, you can play with yourself to boost the arousal and increase the sensation.

In conclusion, adult chat via the phone is a great way to satisfy your sexual desires with your lover when he/she is away. It can allow you keep in touch with your partner, strengthen your relationship and avoid cases of infidelity. It is definitely a great inclusion in a long distance relationship!


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