How to Improve Conversational Skills to get a Partner

Published On November 3, 2017 | By Renata M. Herrera Herrera | Dating

Talking to girls can seem almost as difficult as climbing that sheer cliff face on an ascent up Everest. But in truth, it is nothing like it: if you consider these key pointers in improving conversational skills designed to create a relationship with a potential partner you seek.

The first step is to open up a line of communication – simply staring across a room or bar, even with an inane grin, just won’t cut it. You need to open the lines of communication as they are very unlikely to come to you.

The first point of contact needs to be a statement or question, but be careful! Throw-away comments like, “Do you come here often”, “Nice legs” or anything cheesy is really a non-starter and should be avoided.

Experts have devised a seven-point plan to improve conversational skills designed to get a (potential) partner to engage and open up. And the first statement must be one that is:

  • Easy to understand
  • Has a potential for her to simply answer ‘yes’ (a good ice-breaker)
  • Don’t ask for a name on first statement
  • Try to avoid talking about the weather (unless there’s a hurricane outside)

Once the ice has been broken, you have to escalate the conversation. Do not hurry it along, instead slow right down, giving yourself time to think about where the conversation goes from here.

Ask her what her opinion is about something – while avoiding politics and religion – but keep the conversation and questions relevant; she will not want to think of answer relating to algebra, theoretical science or plate-shifting in the Eurasian basin. Ask her about her drink and whether it was worth the money, let her know she is special by making a light compliment, such as, “Your hair looks great”, “I saw you earlier and thought you’d be interesting to talk to” or “Your tattoo looks really great, where did you get it done?”

Read Her Body Language

Knowing what kind of signals she sends out can put you in the driving seat. If she is interested, her responses will speed up and she’ll talk a little faster. One of the steps to keep your own nerves from jangling is to treat her as you would an old friend, a work colleague or a kindly assistant in a department store. When your confidence get up, you can then progress to more intimate conversational key points. Check out the seven-point plan to success here.

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