How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship in College

Published On April 6, 2016 | By Kathlene Brasel | Relationship

Young love is underrated. This may seem strange given that almost every piece of art in history is about young love. It’s highly romanticized, discussed to no end, and prioritized highly by every teenager. But it is also dismissed more often than not. Young love is considered to be more of a cute phase than a genuine feeling. Something that will be looked back on as an embarrassing regret more than a valuable memory. Young lovers in relationships are told that it is doomed to end, and that what they feel isn’t real.

Well, news flash: most relationships end up as embarrassing regrets. All of your relationships will eventually end, except maybe one, which will eventually end in death. This reality is no different for someone starting a relationship at 16 than for someone starting a relationship at 36.

The only real difference for those 16 year olds is that after high school graduation in another 2 years, you and your partner will likely go from seeing each other daily to almost not at all, ending up at different schools in different parts of the country. It may feel like different parts of the universe. Your significant other will go off to Rutgers while you’re stuck at home going to Rutgers Online.

It will be a challenge, but it doesn’t necessarily mean doom.  Keeping the following tips in mind, your long distance relationship can survive those 4 years of college.

Make Time for Each Other

No matter what you’re studying or what school you’re attending, you’re both going to be facing some considerable time management problems. The beginning of college is going to be a tumultuous time, and your relationship won’t survive if you don’t make time for each other.


But Not Too Much Time

If you prioritize your relationship over your college experience, you will both end up struggling through your transition to college life, and ultimately resent each other for it. Try mapping out the time you are going to talk to each other at the beginning of each week. Have one or two skype dates, the occasional phone call, and keep texting limited. If you obligate yourselves to text the other constantly, it will only lead to fighting.

Be Honest with Each Other

Your relationship is bound to run into some problems as you adjust to your new situation. Don’t keep them to yourselves. If you and your partner aren’t talking enough, talking too much, or if you’re just not feeling right, talk it out. It’s the only way to solve it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Break

Breaking up is hard to do. But it happens, and good relationships can survive it. A lot of long distance relationships end up thriving because the people involved weren’t afraid to spend some time apart.

See Each Other

Skype and Facetime are great, but it won’t have the same effect as in-person interaction. Your trip to Cancun with your buddies sounds like a great time, but think about dedicating your spring break to your significant other instead.

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