If sex is so good, why don’t we have it more often?

Published On August 3, 2019 | By Evelyn Quisenberry | Featured

Who has been too busy to have sex?

Who has been too tired to make love?

We are going to superior sexcuse. The sexual taboo! When I ask people who come to sexual therapy, “What have your parents taught you about sex?” Can you guess what they say? They were not taught anything! The sex was TABOO! Some parents even turned off the television if there were people kissing! So let’s remove the taboo and have permission to have sex. (As long as it doesn’t harm your spirit, mind, heart and body).

example: a man complained that his partner was never prepared to have sex: if he had not showered, it was too dirty and if he had one, it was too clean!

Here the most common sexcuses:


There is no time

Too tired

Too tense

Cannot turn on / off

Bad technique

Too old


Couple problems

If it is true that children are not aphrodisiacs, it is also true that you are never too old to think or have sex. It is sad that society thinks that older people should end up in sex. When he complained about this to his doctor, they said, “Oh, well, now you’re 50, so you don’t need to have sex.”

Now general sexcuse caused by problems in relationships! CAUTION: TIME IS EVERYTHING!

This point is especially crucial for boys to understand. Women love sex, but first they need to share quality time with their man, to want to have sex with him. For women, sex begins in the kitchen. This means that he wants you to come to talk with her about her day and her feelings FIRST.

The solution for sexcuses communicate and negotiate agreements.

If the brain is the most important sexual organ The tongue is a more important sexual tool! You should talk about latest indian sex scenes or videos, OUT of the room.

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