Introducing a sex toy in your relationship – How to do it discreetly

Published On July 3, 2017 | By Milton Ferrara | Dating

As per data released in 2016, sex toys have now emerged to be a $15 billion industry, thereby making them as mainstream as possible. With such a case, it is natural enough to feel intimidated by the idea of utilizing a sex toy with your partner even though the toys have been designed to cater to the needs of couples so that they could use them together. But the ultimate fact is that sex toys can improve both intimacy and pleasure when both couples use it together.

How would you introduce the idea of using sex toys with your partner if the person is not habituated with it? In what way would you start sharing the secret of using sex toys and making sex better? Here are few ways in which you can initiate the conversation regarding adult toys.

  • Discuss about it: Make sure you handle the discussion from such an angle that it seems to be for both for you and not only for the person you’re speaking to. You may start the conversation by saying that you read an article on vibrators and the author wrote about some great points of benefits of using such sex toys during sex. Also share the fact that sex toys are able to spice things in a relation and give a break to the boring routines of sex that most couples have been going through every day.
  • Bring a toy that’s non-threatening: Wouldn’t you wish to start off small? In case you are already aware of the fact that your partner has got little insecurity about using a third-party tool in the bedroom, you should never make the blunder of coming with a big phallic vibrator. If you wish to avoid any sorts of intimidation, it is better to start small, with toys which are small and don’t mimic body parts. You may choose an innocent looking vibe in a neutral color.
  • Explain that the toy is for both of you: Though it is true that sex toys like vibrators are usually for women yet the truth is that men can even enjoy them. Men might not be aware of it but placing a vibrator at the end of the penis or the scrotum or the perineum, which is the plaace between the base of his penis and anus can feel amazing. So, vibrators can considerably help both men and women. Men who suffer from delayed ejaculation can find improvements.
  • Be honest about using sex toys: When you think of using adult sex toys, you’re not only trying your best to spice up things but you are also trying your best to create better sexual satisfaction through better intimacy. You are actually offering a helping hand to your partner.

Therefore, if you wish to introduce sex toys in your bedroom, take the above mentioned steps to introduce the idea to your partner. In case you’re wondering about where to find ‘adult sex shop near me’, you can look for them online to get the best deals.


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