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Published On June 3, 2016 | By Kathlene Brasel | Dating

Ryan was just average looking and his income was average. Therefore, when it came to women, he was not very confident. Had he tried in the past, he could have found a girl friend, but he has become comfortable with hiring London escorts. He would have them come to his Mayfair apartment so he could relax.  For Ryan, being accompanied by gorgeous escorts is a thrilling experience that he believed he could never experience in real life.

For quite sometime, Ryan had been attracted to another tenant in the building. He checked her post and knew that her name was Virgie. They often see each other in the foyer, but the woman had not given him a bit of her attention yet. As days passed, Ryan had kept Virgie on the back of his mind, even if he is on a date with a sexy London escorts

One night while Ryan was at home watching his favorite show on TV, the room suddenly became dark; it was a black out.  He waited several minutes for the power to come back, but it did not. He remained sitting on his chair, trying to get used to the darkness and silence, when he heard a soft knock on his door.

He went to open it and through the darkness, he realized it was Virgie, with big brown eyes and raven hair. She was searching for his face. He heard her angelic voice, which said, “Can I stay here until the lights are on? I didn’t want to bother you, but I’m afraid of the dark.”  Ryan did not know what to say, until he found his voice and murmured, “Of course. Come in. Come in.” and Virgie held his arm and followed him into the living room.  They both sat on the sofa.

Virgie was still holding Ryan’s arm and she sensed that he was nervous. From the arm, she moved her hand to his thigh. He sensed that he had an erection, feeling relieved that the lights were off! However, Virgie had already moved her hand up to his bulging cock and she led out a heavy sigh. She kneeled, undid his trousers and exposed his dick. Before he knew it, the woman was already sucking it, running her tongue along his shaft while her lips worked up and down. Ryan silently wished it would never end.

Virgie was blowing hard and fast and Ryan felt he is about to come around.  He asked her to pause for a while and undressed her. When already naked, she straddled Ryan’s lap. He guided his cock to her pussy and made a quick thrust that made her cry out. Then he moved his hips up and down and she gyrated while giving out a moan of ecstasy.  She was very tight and so very wet. Ryan whispered, “I’m coming now”.

With that, she clenched her pussy muscles to clamp around his cock and then he shot his load with a huge surge, directly inside her.  He felt the wave of release and felt relaxed.

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