Long-term or casual partner?

Published On March 16, 2016 | By Evelyn Quisenberry | Love

We all like different things when it comes to dating. Most of us enjoy the idea of spending the rest of our lives with a loved one whilst others prefer casual encounters, preferring the naughty and fun sides of sexual encounters over the romantic ones. This preference helps us to determine whether we prefer our dates to be our long-term soulmate or just our casual naughty partner.

Long-term love

Long-term love implies that we have finally found someone whose ideas and values complete our own. Furthermore, it involves the romantic idea that two people are destined for one another. It is a way which we often use to describe our ideal life partner, which is always there for us and who understands all of our wants and needs, as well as we understand theirs. As romantic as this sounds, living as a long-term couple can have a few edges attached to it. In reality, a lot of married couples are not always that romantically involved but instead focus more on their family obligations. Couples who stay together for the long-term work as a team, and good things come to them as a reward for the constant efforts they make. Naturally couples last longer if they have enough in common, and most couples will need more than just hard work to stay together. This is why some couples see themselves as soulmates, as it gives them another reason to stay together and make their way through the difficulties of life.

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Casual partners

Finding the right casual partner is a little bit easier, and mainly consists in finding someone with whom we get on well in the bedroom department. Some people have better sexual chemistry than others and whilst some long-term couples can also be good bed mates, casual partners do not necessarily need to be soulmates. Finding the right life partner can be a long process whilst finding the right casual partner has less criteria associated to it. In fact, most people find it easy to look for naughty fun by going online using casual dating websites where people are just looking for a bit of fun, looking to bang local slags tonight rather than finding the love of their life. People also go out to bars and clubs but using dating websites which specialise in what we are looking for means there is no ambiguity about what people expect from their future partner.

Does it have to be one or the other?

It is worth noting that long-term partners and casual ones are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Finding someone with who is compatible in the bedroom can lead to something more serious, and there is nothing saying that we can’t develop feelings towards our casual partners. Sometimes we start with something simple and over time we start wanting more. However our feelings change, we shouldn’t try to make things complicated but instead we should just take things as they come, day-by-day. Maybe our casual partner will end up being the love of our life!

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