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Gentlemen visitors to Ibiza who are looking to spend money for the companionship of a beautiful woman do not have the tastes you would expect. They would rather cough up their hard earned dosh to have a date with a girl who is “nice and friendly” than one who has been a “Playboy model”.

The good people at Ibiza Beauties collaborated with Ally´s Angels to see what worked to market escorts and what did not. They realised that together they could cover more ground than singly. They tested together using advertisements with some of the Directory sites that are popular in Ibiza. The results were not they expected. But with several of their team coming from an academic and classical marketing background, they really wanted to test their assumptions and preconceptions of what would generate the most inquiries against reality. So they took the same girl and tested different combinations of photos and words and tracked the number of inquiries and bookings. The results were extremely clear and not what they expected. Here is the Cliff Notes version:

Nasty selfies are not appealing to clients. Neither are over air-brushed and perfect photos. Professionally done but not artificial looking is most effective. A profile or advertising text that is over the top with classically sexy references turns prospects off.

If you leave aside the kind of clients that agencies such as Ally´s Angels Ibiza escorts and Ibiza Beauties do not want, the vocabulary men find appealing when they are looking for girls and the language agencies normally use is totally different. Agencies tend to overuse words such as glamorous and gorgeous. What prospects find attractive in an escort is that she is nice, kind and friendly.

It appears that for the majority of clients, the ideal sexual experience is with the girl next door that they couldn’t have when they were teenagers. Maybe men still find beauty and outrageous sexiness intimidating even when the woman they are meeting is (in the words of Pretty Woman) a sure thing? If there is too much of a mismatch between the beauty of the escort and the man she is meeting, perhaps the fact that the client knows that in normal life this woman would never be with him spoils the fantasy. If you know you are a 5 and you find a 10 on the pillow next to you does it all seem too much. Whatever may lie behind this information, it is well worth bearing in mind for future reference.

When marketing escorts to clients, facts you would expect to be a big draw are not as effective as being friendly. One of the women who works with both agencies is a Playboy centrefold. You would think that would be very popular. What man does not want to sleep with a woman who has been naked in Playboy? But she received more inquiries when they advertised her as friendly and nice and simply used average quality but professional photos than when they used her Playboy spread and mentioned that in the advertisement copy. Exactly the same applied to girls who are porn stars and Vogue models. Which was unexpected.

Obviously, when a man wants to meet a pornstar or a Playboy model then nothing else will do! But it seems that the majority of gentlemen want to spend time with a far sexier version of the girl next door. And clearly when you are dealing with the highest of high-end clients, who have unique expectations for standards and service, then the rules change.

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