Orgasms: The Best Natural Medicine

Published On April 17, 2019 | By Kathlene Brasel | Featured

If there’s one thing on which we can all agree it is that having an orgasm feels amazing. Whether you use your hands, stimulate yourself with a realistic dildo, or have actual sex – there’s nothing in this world that feels better than having an orgasm. But did you know that, aside from it feeling amazing, having an orgasm actually brings along a whole list of health benefits as well?

That’s right! Recent studies have proven that having around 200 orgasms per year will significantly increase your health. But this is not all. Orgasms furthermore help in making you feel relaxed and they are a natural pain relief. By having an orgasm, you’re able to lessen some of life’s common pains and discomforts such as muscle pain, hiccups, cramps, and menstrual pain. Below, Luvkis has listed down the most common discomforts that can simply be solved by having an orgasm!


One of the most common discomforts people deal with from time to time are headaches. Besides them being common, they are also often used as an excuse not to have sex. A fun little fact is, however, that having sex and an orgasm actually causes an influx of natural pain-relieving endorphins to float through your body. As a result, common pains such as headaches will be resolved. No matter whether you’re getting your orgasm through actual sex or solo-masturbation, it is guaranteed to lower your headache! So whenever your head hurts again, don’t use it as an excuse not to have sex! Instead, have some fun with yourself or your partner and your headache will be gone before you know it.


Having hiccups is perhaps less common than having a headache but it certainly is not less annoying. In fact, little things are worse than having a case of hiccups that simply won’t get away. And although there are many myths about how to end your hiccups, most of them simply don’t work. If you’re one of those persons who has been struggling with a never-ending stream of hiccups and simply can’t find a way to stop it, then this may be your lucky day! Studies have shown that having an orgasm stimulates your vagus nerve that runs from your brain all the way down to your stomach. And as it turns out, stimulating this nerve can actually help you in stopping hiccups. It has been proven that one of the best ways to stimulate this nerve is through having sex. Whereas for women vaginal sex offers the best solution, for men anal sex brings along the best results.


From time to time, it simply can be difficult to fall asleep. But when this happens over and over again, it can significantly affect your health. If you do not want to use any sleeping medication with potentially bad side effects, why not try nature’s natural sleeping med: the orgasm! After you have reached your climax, your brain literally gets flooded with oxytonic. This is a hormone that does not only make you feel good, but it also makes you more sleepy. This explains the fact why most people often fall asleep right after sex. This hormone does not only help in falling asleep easier but it also significantly improves your sleep quality. As a result, you’ll get better rest at night and feel fresh and awake the following day.

Menstrual Cramps

Last but certainly not least, we have one for the ladies. As mentioned earlier in this article, having an orgasm causes an influx of natural and pain-relieving endorphins to float through your body. These endorphins are known not only to reduce common pains such as muscle pain and headaches, but they also reduce a woman’s menstrual cramps. The reason behind this lies in the fact that having an orgasm causes your uterine muscles to contract. These are the exact same muscles that hurt when you’re experiencing menstrual cramps. So the next time you’re feeling uncomfortable during your period, grab yourself an adult toy, have some fun, and all your pains will float away.

There you are; four useful and exciting ways in which having an orgasm helps you to relieve the most common pains in everyday life. It’s quick, it’s fun, and it doesn’t have any nasty side effects! So the next time you’re feeling uncomfortable or are experiencing some pain, forget about medicine and try having an orgasm instead! By simply masturbating on your own or by having sex with your partner you’re able to reduce pain, feel great, and improve your overall health!

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