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Do you have a virtual romance with a man and do you love that everything is “as if on notes”? Then our advice will come in handy. Before you rename it into a fur seal or bunny, ask about his attitude to such things. Find out how it is called home, and refer to it the same way.  Do not pay any attention to his unjustified mood swings. You are most likely not to blame for them. Most likely, he was taken out of his brain at work, or he lost his favorite football team, or at home.

The Use of the Virtual World

If something does not glue in a virtual novel, do not despair, let alone try to “restore justice” in person. Do you want to live with him or to communicate nicely? Can you reconcile with the fact that your spouse of life will be nice to chat, even virtually, with other girls? But if he communicates with you, then it will be with others. Will your heart stand such a test? And if you are not going to live with him, then why show yourself, spoiling everyone (and first of all, yourself) with nerves. The use of the CameraBoys is important here.

Other Situations

If your lover will describe his wife only from an unsightly side, do not reassure yourself. He just needs to throw out the negative somewhere. And it is unlikely that he will tell you anything good about his wife: why? You are also his personal psychologist, his personal “hellish couch”, his vest and favorite pillow. And they usually complain about the injustice in life and you’re not an angel, either.

The Assurances

Especially piquant situation, when you’re beloved assures you that he has not been sleeping with his wife for a long time. This “long time” can be calculated literally in minutes. So do not be fooled by banal noodles. If his wife did find out about you and actively tries to detain them from their friendly community, do not insult her with “truthful” sms: he is unlikely to like such an initiative.

Be Considerate

In advance try not to get a soul to this young man. After all, when you have a real, not a virtual friend, a novel on the Internet is likely to have to collapse. If you have a desire to send a gift to him or his children for their birthday, do it boldly.

No Personal Meeting

Do not insist on personal meetings. Most likely, you need it for a pleasant and non-binding excitatory Internet chat. Appreciate this trepidation. And remember: the best is the enemy of the good. There is good communication, easy (or even deep) flirting, exciting confessions, virtual-sex, compliments and smart conversations – so do not spoil it with your own hands. You will appreciate what is, and not try to jump over the line – and these joys will last long and long and even longer.  Look at this link as a nice bonus in addition to your success in real life.

The Presence

Virtual girlfriend, friend and girlfriend these words are present in everyday life of almost every modern person. Now we distinguish between virtual reality and real reality, which we had not even guessed before. Everything became much easier, more fun and more interesting. But as in any barrel of honey, a fly-ointment must be present. This is the best option with CameraBoys now.

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