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Published On October 21, 2016 | By Mark Stewart | Relationship

In any relationship there are good days and bad days. Exactly like we like people are different. No relationship is perfect, like there aren’t perfect men or women. We hear many times that in a relationship, in a family also in a friendship, any problem can be solved by talking. The communication is many times the solution and the key for a long relationship. There it is said that if you have a problem and you talk about it you may solve it. And in many ways these is true.


But many times we can find ourselves being in the position to share our life with a not so talkative person. And this is not valid only for women seeking men, in the same situation there can be also men that are looking for women. Even that usually men seek to have next to them a woman that can be understanding, won’t ask for so many explanations, to be a good cook and all others qualities they will always like a woman with ideas, a woman which he can talk about different things and also that will help him find solutions in critical situations. At the other end there are women, that will always search for a communicative man, because is well known how much we love to talk to the men besides us, to debate different issues and also when we don’t like something we try to work it out through talking. And let’s be honest, what women likes to go out with her men and to just stay there like she is single dating? There are different types of men, and the ones not so talkative are one of them. What can we do when we have one in our life? Well, we can try to make him talk to us, try to make him understand how silence makes us feel, that silence applied in the moment it shouldn’t be. Sometimes the results will be the same, but there are cases where people are just like this and as much as you try you can’t change a person for what he is. It depends only of him to make a difference. And if this doesn’t happen, it’s your turn to decide how things should or would go, if you accept someone like this beside you or you keep on trying to change him. What you have to keep in mind is that no one and nothing is perfect and not always things will be how you wish for.

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