Relationships vs. Flings, Which One best Suits You?

Published On December 21, 2016 | By Kathlene Brasel | Dating

The Dreadful Relationship

Let’s start off with explaining the troubles that come with committing to a serious relationship. By far, the most common one would be the concept of trust issues. This includes infidelity and other related secrets. Things can be going great up to a certain point, and suddenly you find out that your partner is actually sexting with someone else on Snapchat. Or suddenly your partner wants a divorce because they are not ready to be a parent. Or it turns out that your already pregnant girlfriend has been cheating with another man for years. These scenarios are endless and happen more often than you’d expect. The next problem would be boredom; doing the same thing every single day. There are no trust issues here. Everything is fine for the both of you working 5 days per week, but you find yourself going through the week in a haze – having no sense of excitement. You come home from work, watch TV, go to bed, and repeat. Perhaps go to a restaurant once in awhile, and have the same conversation over and over again. Out of all our users the 2 biggest complaints would be infidelity and boredom.Image result for Relationships vs. Flings, Which One best Suits You?

The Fun of Flings

We believe that a solid option to escape the “dreadful” serious relationship would be to treat you to some flings. Right off the bat, the top two problems the come with a relationship – trust issues and boredom – get completely eliminated. These are purely no strings attached sex relationships where you both know what you’re getting into. There’s no need to be spying on her texts or snapchat to determine whether or not she’s “cheating,” there’s no need to worry about losing half of your net worth if something does not work out; you are both having a one-time fling. This adds a tremendous amount of excitement into your life because there are different women involved – you get to explore different bodies, attend different places. You will not be living your life in a haze doing the exact same thing with one partner only, you are able to have a line-up of women that you can enjoy on a short term basis!

It’s Up to You

Having said all of this, ultimately, the decision is yours. This type of “fling” lifestyle is not for everyone. There are a lot of people who find it enjoyable to live a comfortable life with one partner doing similar things every single week. This is primarily for people who take joy in disturbing comfortable notions, and like to live a life full of adventure. There will definitely be a point where you’re going to want to calm down and settle down with one partner. We do not have any members to confirm that they expect to permanently live a life of “one-night stand flings.” People who visit our site come from all walks of life and are in their own separate stages in life. We respect your objectives and make this a judgement free zone where you decide what you want and need, in the present moment.


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