Safety Tips for Your First Online Date

Published On December 23, 2017 | By Mark Stewart | Dating

There are so many dating sites and apps in the world today that you can find the perfect match with just a few swipes of your hand. Some apps cater to those with specific interests such as those who love being active outside, but others cater to those looking for a sugar daddy, farmers looking for love and even health care professionals who want to date. You can even use a Canadian dating site to find someone living in your province. No matter how much you like someone you matched with, you’ll still want to use some safety tips when taking your online relationship into the real world.

Meet in Public

Always plan your first date in a public place. Regardless of how you feel about that person, you never know what will happen in real life. Plan a date at the mall to just talk and walk around in front of others, at one of your favorite bars where you know the other patrons or at a coffee shop with lots of other customers. Not only will you have people nearby, you’ll have people you can turn to for help if the date goes badly.

Tell Someone

It’s almost impossible to read dating advice without hearing about someone who went missing after going on an online date. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, you are still at risk of falling victim to human traffickers. There is also a risk that someone might harm you on your date. Before meeting with someone in person, gather all the information you have about your date, including name, phone number, job and even user ID on the site. Give those details to someone you can trust before your date.

Create a Backup Plan

At the same time that you hand over that information, you can also create a backup plan or a plan for the future. Tell your loved one where you’re going on your date and what time you will be back. That person can then contact the authorities if you do not call or check in by the time you selected. You can also arrange for that loved one to check in on you in the middle of the date. Sending a quick text message lets him or her know that you’re okay. You can even set up a code word to say on the phone or send in a text message if you need help.

Keep Your Drink Close

It takes only a fraction of a second for someone to drop a roofie in your drink. Also called the date rape drug, this is an illegal substance that changes the way you react to the things around you. Some men and women feel sick to their stomachs, but the drug can also make you pass out, especially when mixed with alcohol. On dates in a restaurant or bar and those that take place at parties, always keep one hand and an eye on your drink. Only sip from drinks you picked out yourself.

Make it Short

Some men and women have a hard time saying no. After making a connection with someone online, you expect that connection to grow in the real world. Many people find that there isn’t a spark between them, but even if you feel this way, there’s no guarantee that your date will feel the same way. Your date may want to keep the date going and even act out when you try to end it. Planning a shorter date keeps you safe from those creeps and ensures that you can leave whenever you want.

Follow Your Instincts

Following your instincts is the best piece of dating advice that anyone can give you. You never know when the person you chatted with online will show up weighing more, with less hair or with poor hygiene. Catfishing is fairly common on the web today. If anything feels even slightly off to you, don’t be afraid to get up and leave. Your health and safety is worth it. Whenever you take an online relationship to the next level, follow these tips to stay safe on your first date and those that come later.

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