Shower Sex – A Hedonistic Solution to Your Insomnia

Published On January 24, 2019 | By Carol Gilmore | Sexuality

Cannot sleep? Then go have shower sex. Really, in case you cannot sleep turn on the warm water and also have some shower sex.

Sex is a known treatment for sleeplessness and adding a bit of hot water will help matters.

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If you would like to have a little fun and get a great night’s slumber, get the lather of yours on and have some warm shower sex.

Although it might look like the supreme hedonistic resolution to your sleeplessness, the fact is it’ll help you drift off and stay asleep.

Sleep is crucial to your mental and physical health of course if shower sex could be helpful to the health of yours, why not aim for it?

Sleeplessness can be harmful to you, but getting just a little shower sex before bed may stave off the dangerous consequences of sleep deprivation.

There are also some severe diseases as dementia & Parkinson’s disease related to extended insomnia.

 If having sex can hold those items at bay, it’d seem to be a no brainer would not it? The primary cause of sleeplessness is the fact that the brain struggles to shut down to the level that sleep can get over. This’s typically on account of over stimulation of the human brain, sometimes because of mental or physical exertion.

You might say that shower sex seems like both physical and mental exertion, and you will be right nevertheless, whether shower sex or otherwise, sexual activity will be different to the principle.

Unlike any other types of stimulation as an exercise of visual stimuli like a video, for example, sex offers an actual sexual release that triggers the human brain to decompress while consuming the body simultaneously.

This puts your body and brain into a state of rest conducive to sustained and quick ph levels of restorative sleep. Sounds as a winner does not it?

Sure beats taking asleep pills, or perhaps whipping up batches of chamomile tea.

Add to the mix the great hot, relaxing water while getting shower sex, and you have the perfect mixture being well in your way to a fabulous and deep sleep.

Just be sure you dry out before jumping in bed.

Shower sex seems to have it all concerning acting as a sleep tool.

Water that is warm, wet fun, physical exertion, not a bad medicine to need to have! Another good thing about bath sex is, whether female or male, you can do it alone or perhaps with a partner!

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