Stroking the breasts: what women prefer

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Stroking a woman’s breasts is often a source of pleasure for her. The chest can be stimulated during the foreplay to boost the desire, but also during the sexual act to increase the jouissance. Attention nevertheless: the caresses of the breasts must be soft and tender, not to cause discomfort.

Stroking a woman’s breasts: gestures to banish

Particularly the erogenous zone, the breast of a woman is equally sensitive. In these conditions, it is essential for the man to handle the breasts of his partner with gentleness. Otherwise, the caresses of the breasts, rather than lead to orgasm, may be painful to the point of cutting the woman in his sexual drive.

Tenderness, precaution, sweetness a slogan: avoid brutality

Stroking rather than pinching, massaging rather than kneading and licking rather than biting, the caresses of the breasts do not take place in a context of brutal sex but are instead part of a romantic atmosphere. If some women, at times, appreciate bestiality, rare are they to feel sexual arousal when their lover is abusing their breasts.

All the more sensitive, the nipples and the areola must be caressed even more gently: the skin of this area is, and the slightest abruptness can cause pain. For the same reasons, besides, it is recommended to the man to cut his fingernails well and to shave his beard, in no case to risk that the breasts of the woman are irritated.

Breasts are painful before menses

At certain times in the menstrual cycle, but also during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the woman’s chest swells and becomes painful. There is no point in caressing your partner’s breasts during these times.

Embellish the caresses of the breasts for even more pleasure

To stimulate the desire and provide pleasure, the man can caress the breasts of his partner in many ways: by blowing on the nipple, by rolling his fingers on the curve of the chest and then approaching the areola gradually…all the tender gestures are good for raising the excitement during the foreplay. And to add spice to their sexual routine, lovers can enhance their caresses: an ice cube in hand to make the other shiver with pleasure, pouring a liquid warmed beforehand on the chest and belly to warm up the atmosphere. The couple to imagine new ways to lead to the desire by the caresses of the breasts, in respect of this sensitive female area.

Sucking and mazophallation: what pleasure for the partners?

The breasts, as a rule, fascinate men sometimes to the point of erecting them in fantasies. This is why, beyond the caresses of breasts, lovers redouble their imagination to exploit this area of the female body to feel pleasure.

Licking the breasts and sucking the nipples, source of enjoyment?

Among the many ways to caress the breasts, using her tongue is preferred mainly as licking is a pledge of softness and subtlety – be careful not to indulge in the bite. And for immediate sexual pleasure, the lover can try to suck: by sucking the nipple of his partner, it causes intense excitement and sometimes even a form of enjoyment.

Masturbation between the woman’s breasts


It appears under the name of “notary’s tie” in Kamasutra, mazophallation is for the man to masturbate between the breasts of his partner. More comfortable to test if the woman has a generous chest, this unusual position is more satisfying to men than women who equate it with pornography.

Caresses breasts: guaranteed female pleasure?

All women are not sensitive to the caresses of the breasts. In case of complicated or utterly when the chest is not an erogenous zone, the woman does not feel pleasure in seeing the man caress her breasts. Most men, on the other hand, take pleasure in titillating this part of the body.

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