The importance of being careful in Internet dating

Published On December 19, 2017 | By Clare Louise | Dating

New technologies, such as e-mail or chat, are a great way to get a partner in adulthood. These new relationships tend to be safe and reliable, but you should always be forewarned when dealing with a stranger. Internet has become a very attractive place to find interesting adult people, to schedule romantic encounters, and to look for a partner. Consequently, many people have begun to knit online links with people they have not known personally and of whom they know little. With so many people who communicate via the Internet and decide to be a virtual character until the date of the appointment, it is important to be safe and smart. Common sense can be a good way to keep you safe. Here we present some tips so you can get online dating safely:

Know who you are dealing with

Start first by communicating only by e-mail or chatting. Try to notice contradictory behaviors or inconsistencies. If someone is evasive, this is a bad indicator.

“Listen” to the answers you make to your questions. Beware of someone who seems to be too good in everything he is or does, to be true. The person at the other end may not be who they say they are.

Trust your instincts. If anything makes you uncomfortable, try to end all contact, for your own safety and protection. Even if you’re a man, finding trusted wive depends on your instincts.

Discover all the information you can.

Learn to ask many questions. Discover where you were born, where you work, and how you are connected to your community. These are clues to discover who this person really is.

Be suspicious of anyone who is unwilling to reveal any information that personally identifies you. Be alert to any discrepancies in their stories.

If the person is unwilling to answer your questions, this is another danger indicator. Continue with great caution.

Honesty is the key to success.

Represent yourself exactly. Exaggeration or online cheating is very easy. The areas to be more cautious are those related to marital status and physical appearance. Begin with the order of a photo and send one of yours, very recent. If someone is unwilling to send a recent photo, this is another warning sign. If you continually give an excuse not to send it, it is because that person has something to hide (or you may not know how to send it, but you can teach him online).

After you have exchanged the photos, continue completing the things that do not close, so that there is no doubt about the other person. But always be honest, both men and women do not like the lie.

Talk on the phone and continue to learn more about your partner. A phone call can reveal a lot about a person’s communication and social skills. It is worth paying the cost of a call, even long distance, to protect your security. But let him give him (or her) the phone number, and do not give him his from the first moment. Trust takes time to consolidate. Only when you feel completely comfortable, you must provide your telephone number.

Do not invent anything

Finding someone online and setting an appointment date in a relatively short time can be dangerous. Take the time to discover who this person really is. If you are pressuring her to meet before you are ready, that will be another danger signal. If something is strange to chat or send emails with this person, then it is time to end the contact and find another relationship. If you decide to make an appointment, proceed with extreme caution. Arrange the meeting according to your preferences. For you guys, beware of spending too much money for a women.

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