The mistakes of Russian and Ukrainian women dating online

Published On June 21, 2016 | By Terry Walker | Dating

If you are a habitué on an Eastern European dating site like, most likely you have already taken notice of a rather peculiar phenomenon ubiquitously present on many of such sites. The matter is that many Slavicwomen dating online, be they Russian, Ukrainian or even Moldovan, are simply not capable of presenting themselves in a favorable light.

Western men are well-aware that their photos in the profile reflect their status, so they do their best to upload the most crisp and the most professional photos. Sometimes they even go to extremes with this, which results in a lot of Photoshop doctoring of the uploaded images.

It is equally bad and unfair for dating, when a woman is expecting to meet the young and robust man she saw in the profile, while in reality she is met by an old, balding person with a beer belly. Such a cunning approach also produces a reverse negative effect, because the woman is unlikely to go with such a deceitful dater any further than the first meeting upon her arrival. The truth be told, she will simply run away.

Probably you have noticed in amazement how unattractive some pop stars look on unprofessionally made photographs, even though in reality they are gorgeous and can aptly be called the perfection incarnate. Many Russian women who are new to the world of online dating often succumb to this lamentable mistake. They may find random photos from their computer and just go ahead and upload them. This happens mainly because they don’t have the proper experience in selecting the right ones, not because they lack taste. And certainly not because they are ugly.


Another reason that plays a significant role in this erroneous photos selection is the fact that many Russian women still don’t understand the wholesome potential and the allure of online dating. Many of them view it as something secondary in their romance endeavors and don’t really lay much hope on finding a husband in Internet. At least, that’s their first knee-jerk reaction when they embark on this Russian dating journey. Their attitude changes with time, after they become experts in navigating a dating site, in talking to other men and in choosing the right candidates.

The third reason that many dating experts believe is behind this failure is the universal feminine pride. Studies have been carried out, and they clearly show that while a Slavic woman may be quite content with uploading her own photo, on which she is barely visible in the form of a dark silhouette on the backdrop of a huge rock formation beside a blue-waters sea, she will still expect the men to upload pictures of high definition with clearly visible details. Many such women believe in fate and cherish the notion that the husband who is really her destiny will find her anyway, whatever the circumstances are. And whatever the quality of her photos is, for that matter.

Wind of change – women on the path of improvement

That said, it would also be fair to mention that there is a relative improvement in the equipment and in the attitudes among the Slavic women dating online. First of all, the overall quality of photographs world-wide has been becoming better since the advent of the digital photography. Even 15 years ago one required professional equipment that cost a small fortune to make a high-quality picture. Nowadays even monkeys can be trained to use a digital camera.

The second aspect is the improving attitude among the Russian female daters. There is an increasing awareness in their ranks that the photos they upload on a dating site really speak for themselves and also of themselves.

Russian shops are stocked full with fancy dresses and make-up that were not available or were in a huge deficit in the Soviet Union, many young Russian girls keep fit by attending the gym and jogging, and keeping a great shape also contributes to a remarkable photo that can be uploaded in the profile on an international dating site.

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