The Oddest Place You Will Find Blonde Sex Dolls

Published On August 13, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Dating

Just like in real humans, ‘Blonde’ here refers to light-coloured hair – a hair type with less dark and sometimes appear yellowish. If you’ve seen native German’s hair, then this is what blonde hair means. Out of customisation for customer’s preferences, you will always find hot blonde sex doll that will satisfy your genital desires.

Finding such dolls is never quite a task.  All you need to know or maybe discover is what other features you may need. Remember, even the blond hair dolls come in various body shapes, boobs’ size, height, eye types, and much more. Once you settle a particular, one then you can begin your search.

The typical/obvious places you would widespread find the blond sex dolls are in their showrooms or online shops.  Here, is are the place you can buy or order them from depending on their key design as well as operational features you may want to explore. However, this article focus on particular odd places you might find these sex doll types.


Well, it is for sure that brothels are for leisure sex but have you ever imagined that they also have a sex doll? Yes, they do. Apart for just the real humans, you meet there; these leading-rated brothels offer hot blonde sex dolls. If you haven’t yet experienced sex with them, then you can take this opportunity.  It could be, however, much favourable if you are actually planning to buy one but still hesitant since you’ve never experienced it before.

Sex with a doll in such an environment could be risky at times. It can be a straightforward avenue for the transmission of STIs. One thing you must remember is that many people will be using a single doll and therefore if not cleaned properly, then the transmission chances increase. The cleaners employed in such places might not be very keen on actualising correct cleaning procedures as again washing someone’s semen could be disgusting.


When you visit any museum, you expect to see lots of an more so connected to the history of a particular place but finding a sex doll is creepy. Believe it or not, there is a museum in Tokyo which signed a contract deal with the dolls’ producer, Orient Industry, to have a display for their various models as a marketing strategy. These dolls bear design, which makes them appear more like real human beings.


The availability of various blonde sex dolls is quite promising. This does not mean that finding black female sex dolls is a hustle no. Either can be found in rightful places, mainly in their shops. However, lately, you won’t only find them in private apartments or homes. People are trying to get them into business at least to earn them something.

Sex dolls have also appeared in some movies and series. Some people have even gone extra miles, considering them as wives. Hence, they carry them along in their cars to work, take them out in hotels or walking parks.

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