The Perfect Boys Night Out

Published On March 16, 2017 | By Kathlene Brasel | Relationship

At night, the city of Sidney comes alive. This is the perfect time to go out and have fun. So you and your boys plan a boys’ night out. You decide that you should go after that lousy week you’ve just had. Your boss has been such a prick lately. 

You guys have got it all planned out, you must see lots of ass and tits tonight and maybe get laid. It’s been a while since you had sex with a woman. The last time you had any action, was last month when you had that phone sex with that hoe you met in the club. She made you do things to yourself that you only see in hard core porn. She made you wank so hard. You cummed all over your sheets. You loved it! Since then, you always sleep with your dick in your hands. Unfortunately, you lost her number. Sometimes good things don’t last.Image result for The Perfect Boys Night Out

So, your friends decide to start off in one of the hottest clubs in Sydney. The waitresses there work topless. There is nothing as hot as drinking while seeing tits everywhere around you. The waitresses here have huge jugs. You wonder if they can fit on the palm of your hands. Most of those tits can’t. That speaks a lot because you have really big hands. Unfortunately you can’t touch the waitresses’ boobs; you’ll be thrown you out.

The drinking spree goes on for a couple of hours then you all decide to get to the next place; the strip club. Strippers really turn you on. You have a few dollar bills in your jeans pocket. You and your boys decide to first have a group session watching the strippers dance. 

You find the table and then the stripper comes to perform for you. Her name is Candy. She has curvy hips, well-tanned skin and dark hair. You’ve always been a big tit guy. Hers are double D’s. Her pink nipples seem like they are overly sensitive. You can’t wait to put them in your mouth and suck the shit out of them.

The way she moves is so hypnotizing. She keeps looking at you. She likes you. Maybe it’s because you keep tipping her. You don’t even notice your friends slowly leaving to other corners of the strip club to have their private sessions. Candy is done with her dance and she gives you her number. You can’t wait to have phone sex with her tomorrow.

You have an hour till dawn. You pay for a lap dance. There you are waiting in a dimly lit corner, chewing on a mint. Last thing you want is to have the girl know what you ate for lunch. Guess who comes along? Candy, the stripper you seem to have the hots for, and her double Ds. She looks at your crotch and smiles. You have a huge boner. You feel embarrassed. She hasn’t even started the lap dance and you’re already hard. 

Candy starts slowly grinding her round ass on your thigh, moving to the soft jazz music. You want to touch her but it’s not allowed. She straddles you so that her boobs are right in front of you. She rubs her boobs on your face. They are soft, her nipples hard. Before you know it, your time is up. She leaves without a word.

It’s now 4 am. You have to go home. Sydney night life is the best. You can’t wait to do this all over again next weekend.


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